Top 5 Tips for Business Trips


Some lines of work involve frequent travelling. But you don’t have to write off all of the time that you spend on trains and planes – it can in fact be very productive. Here are our Top 5 Tips for business travel:

1. Do a little bit of research on your destination before you leave. Remember that business travel is not like a vacation – even if it means visiting exotic places on the map – so you will most need likely need different information than the average tourist.

2. Always factor in potentially very long delays. You never know what could happen and all manner of things could cause your flights to be grounded or train to be delayed. Never plan your schedule tightly around the timings of you arriving in a foreign country as it is entirely out of your control.

3. Carry all the documentation you might need for your business affairs on your person (your laptop, too), that way if your luggage goes missing you won’t lose your ID as well. You should always try to carry a bit of the local currency for emergencies because you won’t be able to use the plastic everywhere.

4. Don’t tune out completely during your travelling time to the destination. You could meet some amazing business contacts, especially if you end up in First Class (either because you paid for it or got a free upgrade). Always dress smart even while commuting and you stand a better chance of being bumped up to First!

5. Cloud Computing will allow you to access all of the information that you will require when on the trip and will even enable you to work collaboratively in real-time with the rest of your team if necessary.

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