Being informed about labor law issues

Being informed about labor law issues

Labor law is not just something HR people and lawyers need to understand. Both employers and employees have rights and obligations in the eyes of the law. For example, employees have the right to a safe working environment and the obligation to follow all processes laid down by their employer to ensure safety in the workplace. Likewise employers have an obligation to ensure their employees’ safety in the workplace and a right to insist that employees comply with processes designed to promote safety.

Of course, how much a person needs to understand labor law depends greatly on the nature of their work. Ground-level employees can often be educated on the key points of labor law by means of well-designed workplace posters, which can be bought from specialist websites such as Personnelconcepts.

The bar does, however, need to be raised as soon as employees take on work which involves recruiting and/or supervising other employees. These people are responsible not only for ensuring that they themselves behave in an appropriate manner in the workplace, but also for ensuring that other people do likewise. This involves understanding which issues are covered by legislation and which are simply internal matters (or matters which are best left to employees to resolve for themselves).

Having said that, lower-grade managers will have the support of higher-grade managers and HR departments to help them. In addition to this, new managers need time to become comfortable with their increased responsibilities and the demands these place on them. This means that keeping them updated and informed on labor law issues has to strike a balance between making sure that they know enough to do their job effectively without overwhelming them. This is often best achieved by a combination of classroom-based learning sessions to begin with, followed by the provision of appropriate compliance kits. Basically these are packs which cover various points of law in clear English, highlighting the most important aspects of the legislation and making suggestions as to how to stay in compliance with it.

Those who have reached the stage of either managing managers or running their own business need to have a more in-depth understanding of labor law. This means ideally that they should be aware of proposed changes in labor laws before they happen, so that they can plan ahead and identify what impact (if any) the proposed changes could have on their business. One of the best ways for time-challenged people to do this is simply to set aside time to check a knowledgeable and reputable website which specializes in labor law issues. This will ensure that managers gets the prior warning they need to be able to decide if they need to learn about a particular topic in greater detail.

Finally, HR professionals and lawyers alike both need to ensure that they understand all current labor laws in full detail as well as keeping themselves well informed about any possible changes to them and their impact. They are the people to whom even the most senior managers turn for guidance, so they have a particular obligation to ensure that they can provide the best possible advice. On a day to day basis, this can be managed by checking specialist websites, which are designed to keep interested parties informed about labor laws. It is further recommended that HR professionals and lawyers obtain copies of all new labor laws and take advice from subject-matter experts if anything is at all unclear.

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