Five Steps to Holding a Welcome Event

Five Steps to Holding a Welcome Event

If you’re a new small business, or your client base seems to have diminished, hosting a welcome event is a great way of generating new business. Meeting people in the local community and making people aware of the services you can offer will boost your reputation and could lead to new business.

Holding such an event doesn’t necessarily require a lot of planning, effort or expense. These five simple tips will help you to hold a successful event that will run smoothly and get your business’s name out in the open.

The Guest List

Using a local directory to compile a guest list for your event is a great start, but you’ll have to be astute when you’re compiling a list of who you want to attend. It may seem cutthroat, but don’t waste invitations on people who are unlikely to do business with you in the future.

Bear in mind the time you’re holding your event. If your client base is likely to work from nine to five, holding a lunch time event won’t achieve a lot. People are also unlikely to want to spend their weekend on the job, so early evening events through the week will be much more effective.

Make your invitation appealing

People are unlikely to be interested in coming, unless there’s an attractive element to your invitation. Holding your event in a location that’s off the beaten track may be cheaper, but it’s likely to be damaging to the number of people who attend. Look for somewhere central that people will have easy access to.

Don’t assume that having some sort of entertainment is going to distract people from the business at hand. A singer or musician has the potential to attract people more than the prospect of a stiff business event and will create a relaxed atmosphere which will get people talking freely and openly. Obviously, avoid something like heavy metal – you don’t want to eliminate any chances of talking business. Some easy listening or light piano is likely to work well.

Keep it organised

Once you’ve got a firm guest list, you’ll need to invite people to the event, leaving plenty of time for them to respond. That way, you’ll have a more precise idea of how many people are attending, which will come in handy when you’re organising any catering.

Sending people a ticket to your event will keep things organised and will make your business appear professional and efficient. Kalamazoo Secure Printing Solutions are one such company offering ticket printing, both to UK customers and small businesses overseas. Tickets can be personalised, which will reflect you and your business to potential new clients.


Having some light refreshments on offer – think coffee and cake or cheese and wine – is something people will expect when they’re invited to a welcome event. Having a cup of coffee to chat over will also help people relax and feel as if you’ve welcomed them, which is after all, the aim of your event.

If you’re feeling the pressure, a caterer can handle this aspect of the night, although doing it yourself is much more sensible for keeping costs down.

Something to take away

Don’t let your guests leave empty handed or they may forget they’ve even attended your event. The aim of a welcome event is to increase awareness of your company and your products. If it’s possible, let your guests leave with an example of what you produce.

If that’s not possible, something like a promotional pen is also an effective, and relatively inexpensive, way of getting your prospective clients to literally carry the name of your business around with them. Companies like Cutting Edge offer promotional pens, although you’ll have to be prepared to buy in bulk if you want to make the saving that makes this a cost effective option.

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