Recharge Your Team with a Day Out of the Office

Recharge Your Team with a Day Out of the Office

As business owners, we naturally want to make sure our employees are enthusiastic, work well together and are up for whatever challenges the business faces.

However, despite the best efforts of management to motivate their office, sometimes it is a day out of the office that can work wonders for a team’s motivation and performance.

Simply spending time together on a fun day out can provide great benefit although the best results are provided by taking your team on a fun team building challenge. This could be anything from ice carving to learning circus skills and be chosen according to your objectives. Team Building activities also provide a variety of benefits in terms of teamwork and skill development.

4 Ways a Team Building Staff Day Out can Recharge Your Team

1. Enjoying time together as a team – whether frustrated with work or just in need of a break. Time outside the office on a fun activity provides significant cathartic release for individual team members. An active day out away from the office allows individuals to forget any frustrations or stress associated with the workplace in much the same way as a holiday. However it provides far greater benefits to office morale as those they work with will feature in their enjoyment. Connections between individual team members will be strengthened by this positive association.

2. Improved communication – By enjoying time together as a team and developing shared memories, team members will develop closer individual relationships and as a result will communicate more openly; sharing problems and actively helping each other. Less motivated staff often engage in only minimal communication and an alternative team challenge is ideal for stimulating this.

3. A Low Pressure Environment – Sometimes in a high pressure environment, team members suffer from lower enthusiasm and are less communicative with team mates as they lock themselves in work mode and try to hammer through a task. In their anxiety to solve a problem they may hasty decisions and be less likely to consider the bigger picture. The challenge faced on an engaging team building presents teams with a challenge where the pressure is off. They will learn to solve challenges as a team and will learn to take a more measured approach to problem solving, reinforced by an enjoyable experience.

4. Facing a different challenge – For team members who need a motivational boost, an alternative challenge outside the office can be invalvuable. Furthermore, an alternative challenge encourages team members to think on their feet and makes them more adaptable.

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