Is British Telecom letting British Businesses down?

BT InfinityThe Internet has changed the way we do business, some say that over 80% of business today is in one way or another conducted via the Internet.

It obviously follows that business needs fast and reliable internet connections to conduct more business faster, domestically and internationally.

Among our clients we hear more and more complaints about BT’s performance in terms of connectivity provision and customer service. This is a worrying trend given that BT still operates a monopoly when it comes to last mile provisioning of circuits.

Believe it or not, even in London (Park Royal), large parts are without ADSL-2 and Infinity connectivity. What does it say about a company/country when we can not even get our capital city adequately connected to the “Business Highway of the World!”

Government asks everyone to help with the recovery to do more business, but fails to provide the most basic business infrastructure in the world. IMO, Ofcom as a regulator has failed and British Telecom is failing its customers everyday.

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