Feisty Enterprise Tip #6: Find Some Business Owners You Can Trust and Ask Them Questions

Then do something in return for them so that you feel able to ask more questions another time. You help them to succeed and they’ll help you to succeed. There is no better way. It is why the Enterprise Rockers Movement was founded.

Existing micro enterprise owners know more about running a business than you do. Try out what they suggest. Some of it may not work but you’ll only learn what works by doing, not by planning and thinking or trying to never make a mistake.

The Golden Soculitherz Rule, which has been adopted by the crazy #Enterprise Rockers @EnterpriseRocks, is: ‘If you’re starting and running a micro-biz (0-9 employees) only take advice from someone who has started and run a micro-biz or is employed by someone who has started and run a micro-biz’

Make your objective making money through your business not making your business idea work. Very few start-up business plans achieve the expected results. That doesn’t matter if you’re in your enterprise zone as it’s all about adapting, changing, finding out what works and hanging in there bt making money by as many means as you can.

When products or services aren’t selling then test and try other products and services. It’s obvious innit? Do this, get in your enterprise zone, and you’ve got an eight out of ten chance of surviving beyond three years – not bad odds eh?

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