Employers need more control over training

Employers need more control over training

An overwhelming 93% of the firms recently surveyed by the Confederation of British Industry group Pearson said that they knew best about the training needs of their staff and the skills that they require.

They would like to take more control of training, as in recent years it has become increasingly outside of their control and there is no real relationship between the employer and the trainee anymore. Skill shortages in key sectors could actually now be affecting economic recovery.

The survey also revealed that over a third of firms are currently struggling to recruit workers that have advanced scientific, technical and maths skills. Almost half said that applicants with the right skills did not have the right attitude to work and 39% said they didn’t have enough experience.

Firms were also worried with the level of competency within their workforce. 62% said that computer skills were poor while 55% and 51% were also worried about literacy and numeracy respectively. Basic literacy and numeracy skills of school leavers were also a concern.

Perhaps there is no substitute for on-the-job training – what do you guys think?

via BBC Business News

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