Bookkeeping the secret of micro biz success

Bookkeeping the secret of micro biz success

Band leader of the Enterprise Rockers and longtime collaborator for The Small Business Blog, the inimitable Tony Robinson OBE, is doing his best to keep micro businesses rocking.

He recently attended an awards dinner for the International Association of Book-keepers at the House of Commons and made a speech at the event too.

The 150 guests in attendance from all over the world heard him speak about micro businesses and the challenges they face in the UK.

Tony said that book-keepers are the unsung heroes that the overwhelming majority of micro business owners will turn to for advice. They are apparently 15 times more likely to ask a book-keeper or accountant for help than to seek assistance from the Government!

Do you enjoy a close working relationship with your bookkeeper? Would you prefer more Government assistance? Let us know in the comments section.

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