Feisty Enterprise Tip #12: Get Into Networks That Give You Know-How and Fun

Choose carefully with your business networks. Informal networks may be best. Most business networking meetings are an absolute waste of time. It doesn’t matter whether they are online or offline, time is the one resource you cannot afford to waste. Many networks seem like a lot of desperate people hoping for a break in the clouds and a bagful of money to descend on them.

So, choose networks that include people that you can give happiness and know how to because there’s a good chance they can give happiness and know how to you too. Never be afraid to build trust in your products and services by giving something for free. Networks are great if they are reciprocal.

All successful entrepreneurs whom I’ve met have had to work bloody hard and remain focused on creating opportunities for them and their business. They’ve all had to make sacrifices to succeed.

They are also enterprising (go into situations others would regard as risky) and brilliant self-promoters. They are frank, forthright and have an unshakeable sense of what is right. They are highly ‘professional’ (meet every commitment), self-sufficient and totally believe they can make their own luck. They are the kind of positive people that others like to be around.

Most of them take great pride in their personal appearance – looking good. I’m not talking Hollywood here. Have a look at all the athletes in the Paralympics again. They all looked absolutely fabulous – hot even. They care and put in the hard yards and we admired them for it. They were supreme ambassadors for their sport because of the level they achieve. You need to be the supreme ambassador for your business.

Looking good today isn’t a statement that ‘I’ve got good genes’; it’s saying ‘that’s what I choose to spend some of my time and money on’. It is your choice. No right and no wrong. If you want to do it, then do it.

If you’re thinking that this all sounds a bit improbable, scary even, and doesn’t sound like you – don’t worry – most successful entrepreneurs weren’t like this right at the beginning. But they soon got themselves, through willpower, heading in the right direction.

Selflessness, focus, productivity and belief are the positive traits that I would have you copy.

From my interviews with successful business owners it is clear that the separation of business and personal lives is to be recommended for everyone. Your business persona has to be harder, than how you are with the people you trust and love in your domestic life, to cope with rejection and people taking advantage of you. Your business persona must remain focused on the here and now.

Women are often more willing to take advice and training to achieve the aims on which they’re focused and will carefully build a trusted support network. They are very productive and meet the business needs during their working hours. So if you’re a man going it alone – follow a woman. If you’re a woman – don’t follow a man.

This belief transmits itself to new and existing customers, which makes business building through credible selling and high quality of supply much easier.

By the time I’m finished with you you’ll be enterprise ready, fashionable, life knowledgeable and primed for success like a cocked trigger.

You’re also ready to be naked now. Actually, although I love clothes, I always prefer to be naked because clothes make me feel fatter. If you’re ready to go into business for yourself, then you’re ready to be exposed.

You are exposed because whatever status and profile you had when you were employed is stripped away. Your former colleagues and associates will disappear, as they’ll be worried you may fail or, worse, you may ask them to do something to help you.

Confidence is vital in making your business a success by selling your products and services. You get this confidence by testing out your business idea and feeling good about your mind and body.

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