Feisty Enterprise Tip #13: Kick Ass Before You Start – Tone Up Your Mind, Body and Business Idea

Your mind and business idea you’ll strengthen by getting feed-back from potential customers and people that have got the T shirt from reading these tips and doing what you’re going to do. There are many ways to get your body right and I won’t turn this into one of my fabulous books on nutrition, like the Choco-Wine diet, which I swear by. I’d rather you bought those books to make me more money. But I will just give you my take on exercise.

Treat your body mean. Forget about treadmills, bikes, steppers and rowing machines. Go straight for the weights. Apart from my Marlborough Light habit, laxatives and occasional finger down the throat, I put my sleek figure down to a great diet and joining a proper gym.

I mean the kind of gym where they sweat, sniff salts, men scratch balls, women kick ass, curse, yell, groan and the weights smash down on the concrete as they let them go. The kind where you only wear black and you open your Lucozade Sport drink when no-one’s looking in case it takes you more than one go to flip the top.

When you’ve used all of these 50 Tips you’ll be so confident that you’ll be like a guru. What is a guru like? Well they’re paid the big bucks for stating the obvious. That the obvious is so interesting to others is because it works. You’ll feel you know better than anyone else, because it’s your business, what works for you and your business and you’ll feel confident that you’re the person to put it all into action.

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