Feisty Enterprise Tip #14: Make Deals To Prosper

Be flexible – there’s nothing like a win-win on price and product/service offer to make both the customer and the biz owner friends for life. Every minute you enter into conversation with your customers builds a relationship and allows you to negotiate a deal that meet their needs exactly.

The corporates and government bodies only offer ‘identical’ and ‘take it or leave it’. No wonder their employees looked fed up whilst all the volunteer games makers, using their own initiative, looked so happy.

Ensure everyone you employ or you contract or partner with has the same ability to make a deal on your behalf. Customers prefer doing things there and then – when they’re hot they’re hot. I know I’m hot and immaculate all the time but not all of your customers will be. So ensure the deal can be done there and then by whomever is in front of the customer.

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