How Hosted Exchange Can Enhance Your Small Business

How Hosted Exchange Can Enhance Your Small Business

Over recent years, the business world has developed into one of a wireless and connected age. One where data can be found instantly and readily-accessible information is literally at the end of your fingertips – not stored away in the filing cabinet. We are indeed, talking about Cloud hosting.

Still a relatively new concept, Cloud hosting is the internet at its finest, seamlessly sharing and exchanging, sourcing and communicating. One of the most popular forms of cloud hosting in the business world is Hosting Exchange for UK businesses, a way of managing Microsoft’s most popular Office Software on a cloud-based solution.

Sourcing a reputable and established Hosted Exchange provider could be the solution to your business needs. For some SME’s, finding dedicated time and space to manage your communication and internet logistics can be a struggle. But with a complete range of hosting packages to choose from, you can create more cost-effective, manageable and accessible hosting solutions.

A fast-moving and at times unforgiving world, commercial industries are beginning to turn to cloud computing and hosted exchange services. But I can hear what you’re saying; how can hosted exchange actually benefit my business? And more importantly, why should I turn to hosted exchange computing?

Sharing Is Caring

Hosted Exchange works in unison with cloud computing, in a sense that you can share, send and receive information and documents across the network. This not only means that you can utilise the documentation within your business to other associates, but sophisticated profiles mean that you can share calendars, contacts and tasks too.

This helps in creating a collaborative and connected infrastructure within your business, allowing employees and colleagues to communicate in a new, more responsive and direct way.


Cloud computing has revolutionised the way that businesses are run and managed. Cloud networks mean that you can access your hosted exchange was practically anywhere. From outlook and your web browser on your personal computer to your laptop and smart devices, you and your employees can synchronise important documents, emails, and contacts on the move, utilising the functionality and efficiency of your business.


Managing IT systems can be costly for businesses. With Hosted Exchange, you can benefit from full and inclusive features as well as on-hand servicing and support without other IT expenses. Having your network in one place is not only more convenient, but comes with a whole host of Microsoft features to enhance your business.

Protection & Security

This is one of the most important features of Hosted Exchange solutions. You want to have complete faith that your data, documents and mailbox is fully secure and protected. Using award-winning Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus software, you can be safe in the knowledge that your network is in the safest of hands.

So don’t be left behind. As computing continues to advance quicker than the time it takes to send an email, discover the benefits of managing your businesses IT and data solutions with Hosted Exchange. From larger corporations to growing SME’s, the future to your businesses success could simply be a click away.

Phil Warrington looks into how cloud-based Hosted Exchange works and more importantly, how it can benefit your business. This post was sponsored by Giacom; a leading provider of Host Exchange 2010 and hosting solutions for a range of businesses from a number of industries.

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