Feisty Enterprise Tip #16: Put passion and fun into your business – priceless

The Olympics was a triumph for the athletes, the volunteers and the spectators because they and their emotions were authentic. It contrasted starkly with all the ‘spin’ around the games organisation and sponsorship.

Customers and consumers are smart and quick. Quick because the technology to spread the word that people love you, or don’t, is almost instantaneous. If you want your business to be loved by your customers you need to love your business and your customers. Change your business if you don’t.

At the end of the events and at the closing ceremony the smiles on the faces of the athletes were priceless. Those smiles are worth millions too in them selling themselves because it’s natural – the fun and the passion is authentic. Mo Farah, double gold winner, epitomised this fun and passion and put all of his success down to ‘hard graft’

If you’re going to succeed in your own business then you’ll need to work long and hard. You might as well enjoy it too. Choose a business that matches your passion and gives you fun – the customers will love it.

You need to fuel your passion and fun in order for it to keep burning in your biz, like the Olympic torch. That means surrounding yourself with people you enjoy being with that are positive about what they do too. Why do you think I spend 99% of my time with the Stellas, Ralphs. Giorgios, Yohans, Usains,Tinas and Clares of this world and close to zilch with Tony Robinson OBE?

Finding the time to spend with Usain and Yohan hasn’t been easy, I can tell you. I’ve been smack up against a publisher’s deadline. I’ve been finishing off my latest erotic thriller, ‘50 Sheds du Lait’. It’s about a fit French dairy farmer investigating the disappearance of big supermarket bosses. Anyway, writing the ‘ooh la la’ first meeting of the stylish lady chief of police with the farmer with the fabulous six pack, reminded me how unfortunate I’d been to ever meet Tony Robinson OBE.

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