Is Electrical a Good Trade to Get Into?

Is Electrical a Good Trade to Get Into?

Selecting a profession can be a very difficult task. This can be explained by the fact that a lot of choices are available for students. Your goal is to find a vocation in life, so let’s consider the main factors which people should take into account to build a successful career.

First of all, you should give a preference to occupations that you like. People can achieve success in business only if they enjoy doing their work. When choosing a career you should also make sure that your profession is beneficial and highly demanded in the marketplace – this way you will always manage to find a job and earn good money. Today we are going to talk about one such profession – the electrical trade.

The Benefits of an Electrical Trade

An electrical career provides people with numerous competitive advantages. Are you interested in attending electrical courses to become an electrician? Just be sure that you are about to make the right choice! Here are some of the benefits you might gain from this career:

High Salary and Great Money Making Opportunities: A high wage is the main benefit of being an electrician. Highly qualified electricians can easily find a well-paid job and make good money. The salary of electricians mainly depends on their level of qualifications and years of experience. Do you like to work independently? If so, you could become a self-employed electrician. Being self-employed has even more advantages including greater freedom and becoming your own boss! This way you will have a flexible schedule and opportunities to earn more.

Students who learn about electricity often begin to earn money during their studying process. As a beginner electrician, you can perfectly combine your work and learning. Even people just taking their first steps in the electrical business can earn up to £20,000 per year. Once you get more practical experience and become a fully qualified electrician your earnings can increase several times. A professional electrician can earn up to £50,000 per year. As stated before, the salary of electricians significantly depends on their qualifications, thus people who are involved in the electrical business should constantly develop and improve their skills and qualifications.

Many Choices Available: There are many opportunities for electricians to realise their talents. People who obtain the profession of an electrician can develop their careers in different ways. Are you already a professional electrician? You can easily find a well paid job and be employed by a company.

If you don’t like to work for somebody then try to be a self-employed electrician. Do you dream about having your own business? As an electrician you could run a company that provides electrical services.

High Demand for Electrical Services: A professional electrician will never experience a lack of work. Electrical systems must be always installed and repaired by highly experienced specialists with certain knowledge, skills and related work experience.

Life would be impossible without electricity. Electrical systems are installed in all houses and business premises. The work of an electrician is regularly required in commercial and residential buildings. Streets are lit up with lanterns, which are also maintained by electricians. It goes without saying that electrical work must be done by real professionals. Moreover, the quality of work has to be guaranteed. Anyone responsible for the safety of their house or business usually prefers to trust their problems to highly qualified electricians!

Electrical Work is Interesting, Challenging and Versatile: Working as an electrician you will have to deal with commercial and residential projects of different types. As an electrician you can install or repair electrical systems in homes and commercial buildings. You may also be hired for work in large street lighting projects. Everyday, an electrician will deal with different people, projects and problems. In addition, the profession of an electrician requires specialist electrical tools and equipment.

Work and Travel Opportunities: Do you like traveling? As an electrician you will have a good chance to work and travel at the same time. Being an electrician you will manage to find employment in any country of the world. You could work in Australia, Canada or the countries of the European Union. Special attention should be paid to working in Australia, where electricians are provided with the best working conditions and highest salary.

How to Start Your Own Electrical Business

Electrical services are highly demanded today. Are you a fully qualified electrician, with many years of work experience? You can try to run a company that provides electrical services. If all your plans and ideas are realised properly then you will have a profitable business that will provide you with good prospects and high revenue!

Why it is Expedient to Start an Electrical Contracting Business: As a rule, people who begin electrical businesses a lot work experience already. They will know all the pros and cons of the electrical industry and that’s why it is easy for experienced electricians to start their own business.

Although the work of an electrician is hard and involves a lot of responsibility, it is well compensated too. There are many fields where an electrician is required. You could work as a residential, commercial or emergency electrician. Also, you may be involved in electrical installations for large projects. The electrical business as a whole is interesting and constantly varies. It is an ideal choice for people who don’t like to spend a whole day in an office doing the same work!

What Skills and Qualifications are Required:

If you start your own business you need to build a team with fully qualified electricians. Some of the most important qualifications needed are the following:

Diploma in Electrical Installations;
Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing-of Electrical Equipment;
Certificate in the Requirements for Electrical Installation;
Certificate in Electrical Technology Engineering;
Certificate in Inspection, Testing, Design
Certification of Electrical Installations and Certificate in the Building Regulations for Electrical Installations in Dwellings.

Start-up Investments:

You will need to purchase insurance, special tools, equipment and a work vehicle in order to provide electrical services. Would you prefer to work as an independent contractor? In this case, you will also have some marketing costs.

If you decide to start an electrical business, prepare for it properly! First of all you will have to develop a detailed business plan. Establish your goals, estimate all costs, do competitor research and develop an effective marketing strategy. This way you will see how to achieve success in your future business!

This helpful sponsored post was provided by Mihai Taraipan on behalf of CSBS College.

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