Stop Funding The Corporate Thieves

Stop Funding The Corporate Thieves

Regular contributor and friend of The Small Business Blog Tony Robinson OBE is passionate about micro business issues. His latest campaign is a petition to draw attention to the unfair practices used by large corporations that are putting small businesses at a disadvantage.

Not only do larger corporates often pay their workers badly, they also delay paying their suppliers for as long as possible. They have both of these groups over a barrel because employees can’t complain for fear of losing their job and small firms can’t complain for fear of losing their custom.

To make matters worse, these giant corporations have the government in their pocket and wield huge influence politically, no matter which political party is currently in office.

Tony wants to make sure that government plays its part by pledging to only offer contracts and funding to corporates that play fair with their employees and suppliers. This would be an excellent way of making changes without the need to legislate.

For more information about Tony’s petition and to sign it for yourself, please visit

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