Infographic: Night Shifts

Infographic: Night Shifts

Many of us have to work overnight at times, either through necessity or choice. But for a significant minority of us working through the night is a big part of daily life – these people are the night shift workers of the world.

Without people working through the night, a lot of the things we take for granted would not get done. Supermarket shelves would never be fully stocked for the coming day, offices would not be cleaned, deliveries would not be made and there would be no emergency personnel available

That’s why 1 in 5 people in the US have to work overnight or at the weekends just to keep the country going and ensure that the economy is kept on track. Working at night has a whole unique set of benefits and drawbacks for anyone who does it and these are detailed in today’s infographic.

If you currently work overnight and don’t enjoy the schedule, try starting your own micro business in your spare time and see where it leads.

Click image to see a larger versionTales From The Graveyard Shift InfographicTales From The Graveyard Shift Infographic via When I Work
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