Entrepreneurial events have tangible impact

Entrepreneurial events have tangible impact

We are currently in the second day of the sixth annual Global Entrepreneurship Week and so far it really seems to be shaping up to be the most successful one yet. It is expected that around 7.5 million people are going to be getting involved with the events in 130 countries all across the world. There are 3,000 events taking place just in the UK alone!

But what, if any, lasting impact does an event like Global Entrepreneurship Week actually have? Well, in fact, new research data shows that events such as GEW can have an impact well beyond the initial event and continuing on a much longer term basis.

Thanks to the data generated from competitions, hackathons, and other early-stage focused events for teams and individuals, we are now aware of the power that grassroots entrepreneurial challenges and activities have in bringing together the world’s best innovators and skilled mentors to drive economic growth and expand human welfare by creative and unconventional means.

With an increase in the number of startup events and competitions across the globe there has also been an exponential increase in the number of innovators and mentors across the world contributing their talents to these entrepreneurial endeavours.

In 2012, presidents and prime ministers from 20 countries lent their support to Global Entrepreneurship Week, while 93 ministers from 54 countries participated by speaking at activities during the week, filming statements of support, or otherwise endorsing the national campaigns in their countries. This shows that even top levels of government understand that entrepreneurship and creating new jobs through creating new businesses is essential.

My company WinWeb has got involved in the events this year in a big way. If you are regular reader of this blog you will probably already know about our revolutionary WinWeb HUBs which launched this year to provide a new level of business support and education to our entrepreneurial customers.

Throughout this week we will be offering some very special free educational workshops to anyone in the Hertfordshire area who can make it to our HUB at the Goldsmith Centre in Letchworth.

Take a look at a description of the two workshops and book your place by clicking here

Cloud Computing Workshop

Suitable for anyone in currently in business or considering starting up.

This workshop is available for anyone that wants to find out more about Cloud Computing and how this technology can help their business to make online sales.

What is it?

▪ This workshop will give an overview of the benefits of cloud computing, including cost savings and security.

Why should you be doing this workshop?

▪ This workshop will help business owners understand how they can use Cloud Computing to improve profitability and streamline their business processes.
▪ This workshop will highlight efficiencies available through Cloud Computing adoption.

What are the benefits?

▪ Begin your journey with an introduction to the benefits of the Cloud.
▪ Learn how Cloud Computing enables rapid deployment and scalability.
▪ Discover how Cloud Computing can help reduce your overall IT expenditure.
▪ Become familiar with how to increase capacity and add capabilities on the fly.

Starting a Business Workshop

Suitable for anyone thinking about starting a business.

This workshop aims to provide the skills and confidence necessary to start a business and is open to anyone thinking of starting their own business.

What is it?

▪ The workshop will highlight the personal and professional benefits of starting your business and explain why self-employment is a viable alternative to working for someone else.

Why should you do this workshop?

▪ This workshop will help support prospective business owners considering starting a new business and provide them with all the relevant information they will need.

What are the benefits?

▪ Obtain valuable knowledge about all aspects of starting a business
▪ You will meet other prospective entrepreneurs
▪ Your questions about entrepreneurship will be answered by a business expert
▪ Gain a vital advantage over your competition
▪ Find out if starting a business is for you
▪ Develop confidence, inspiration, belief and motivation

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