The New Standard in Business Support and Business IT

The New Standard in Business Support and Business IT

Often when you buy products like software you are forced to compromise on the level of aftercare that you receive. It’s not like, for example, buying a table from a furniture outlet that has a defect – if this happened to you then you could just go back to the furniture store and talk to them about it. They would then work to resolve your problem, usually either offering a repair or replacement.

But you will be well aware that if you buy software from a retail outlet you do not expect to get anywhere near the same sort of service. The company you purchased from doesn’t really care about you beyond the money you have already paid to them. They have their money and that will keep the shareholders happy – that’s their main priority.

Unless they have some sort of highly expensive aftercare premium support option that they want to upsell you on, if you have already handed over your money then you aren’t really a big priority to them. There is a good chance that you won’t even be able to resolve your problem and will just give up rather than wasting more time.

Annoying your customers to the point where they give up on your products altogether does not seem like a particularly sensible long-term strategy if you ask me.

That’s why I was very clear right from the start with my company WinWeb that although we would be providing software applications we would also offer a whole lot more than that.

It is within my interests that all of my small and medium sized business owning clients make a success of their entrepreneurial ventures. Without them, I wouldn’t have a company or an audience to sell our business software. So I see it as essential that we go the extra mile for customers and offer more than just the traditional basic level of software support.

The whole reason that initiatives like WinWeb Assist exist is because to us, our customers are far more than just numerical amounts on a spreadsheet. We’ve partnered with some of the greatest Virtual Assistants and other service providers like accountants, content writers, designers and mentors so that whatever expertise your business requires can be made available to you at short notice.

Combining business software with business services is something that is really unique in our industry. Most software providers are not interested in even providing complementary services that would sit nicely alongside their software or vice versa with service providers. By using service providers that are fully versed in how to use our products, it means they will also be able to give you the very best possible integrated experience.

Earning money should always be your top priority in business and anything that pulls your focus away from doing so is potentially very harmful to your success. That’s why we have put a support system in place that ensures you can get on with the important stuff without having to worry about the boring stuff that doesn’t earn you any money.

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