Infographic: Startup Myths

One of the reasons this blog began nearly eight years ago was to combat some of the misinformation and half-truths that continually pop up when people are talking about business ownership.

Perhaps the most important of these is the misconception that you need to get a loan from the bank or elsewhere in order to be able to cover the costs of starting up. In this day and age it simply isn’t true – as we always like to say here, nowadays you can start your business from your own kitchen table in a matter of hours.

It’s also completely simple for you to setup an online store and begin taking payments from customers without any technical knowledge whatsoever.

These are some of the startup myths covered in today’s infographic. What things did you hear about business ownership beforehand that turned out to be completely untrue once you were actually doing it yourself?

5 Online Start-up Myths

5 Online Start-up Myths by PaymentSense

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