Infographic: Vine videos

Most small business owners now know of and have had some experience with Twitter. It’s probably the most immediate and effective medium that any small business can use to announce their latest special offers or to increase engagement with their customers.

But how much do you know about Vine, the video sharing app that was acquired by Twitter about a year ago before it was even launched to the public?

Vine became publicly available at the beginning of 2013 and by April it had become the most downloaded free app within the iOS App Store.

Just like with the character limit on Twitter, videos are limited in length by the app so that users have to be particularly creative. They only have six seconds to get their point across, making the medium ideal for providing teaser videos for new products or for telling a story using stop-motion animation.

Today’s infographic has some useful tips for any small business looking to incorporate Vine videos into their social media strategy.


via Social Media Delivered

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