Top 5 Tips for Media Exposure


How often do you see stories on your favourite websites that are all about a business? You’ll probably see a few every day, and usually they aren’t paid advertorials but actual editorial content. Even sources like the BBC and The Guardian run pieces on a daily basis about businesses without any money changing hands. This weeks tips column contains our Top 5 Tips for gaining media exposure for your biz:

1. If you want to start getting noticed by the media, consider that instead of working harder to get attention, it is time to start being smarter about the tactics you use to communicate with them. Take a good look at your current process and examine how much success you have had with it so far and if you can identify a point when communication breaks down.

2. You might want to try widening your net a little. Although smaller niche blogs probably don’t seem like media coverage to you in the traditional sense, they usually have a very specific audience and that can be extremely valuable.

3. Get your timing right. A lot of media coverage is tied into other things that are happening in the news at the time. If your business can find some way to leapfrog onto the back of that coverage it can be a good way to get mentioned. Perhaps you could use your position as a business owner to comment on industry developments or maybe conduct some sort of related publicity stunt that will get people talking.

4. Try to refine the description of your business into an “elevator pitch” – this means being able to explain what your business actually does in less time than it takes to ride the elevator with someone. This is hugely helpful if you ever find yourself in the position of talking to a journalist or blogger in real life or on the telephone.

5. Finally, you might want to try reaching to people more often on social media. This is far more immediate than sending email that might be ignored for days or not even read. If you ask nicely enough (and it is relevant to the discussion) they might take a look at your business or be interested in publishing your viewpoint.

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