Building a business from your skillset

Building a business from your skillset

There is an interesting article on the BBC Business website about how former athletes are making a success of their retirement by becoming entrepreneurs.

Sportspeople have to face a massive change in their life at a relatively young age. Their chosen career is usually over by about the age of forty at the latest – with the prospect of about 25 years more work ahead of them.

This huge upheaval is understandably difficult to adapt to and many people who previously made a living from sports will find the transformation quite tough.

But once they get over the shock of losing the camaraderie of daily sportsmanship and training, they usually realise that the skills they learned from sport are easily transferable to the world of entrepreneurship.

That discipline and drive they had for sports success soon become the same things that drive them to business success and their business is often built around their experience in sport.

Building a business around your skillset is often the best way to make it successful, no matter if you are a sportsperson or simply have a hobby that you are passionate about.

via BBC

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