Procrastination – Quote of the Week

Procrastination – Quote of the Week

“Most companies don’t die because they are wrong; most die because they don’t commit themselves. They fritter away their momentum and their valuable resources while attempting to make a decision. The greatest danger is in standing still.” – Andrew S. Grove, US entrepreneur.

Inertia is often a big killer of businesses. The problem is that if things are going well in your business it is really tempting to just coast along and maintain the status quo rather than trying to be disruptive within your industry.

This is particularly a problem once a successful business grows to the point where the livelihoods of many people are dependent upon the business staying afloat, because none of the stakeholders will ever want to rock the boat for fear of breaking a good thing.

But this lack of innovation often sees companies persist with formerly good strategies that have long since turned bad while they try and work out what to do by committee or just ignore the problem. By the time they make a decision it can sometimes be too late.

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