Top 5 Tips for Presenting Your Business


You never know when you might have to pitch your business to someone at short notice. You could be on holiday and meet a potential investor by the pool or in the doctor’s surgery when you find a possible customer. That’s why you need to be able to give an effective presentation about your small business. This weeks tip column reveals our Top 5 Tips for presenting your business:

1. You need to be able to get across the main points of your business without going into a formal presentation speech. If you can’t boil down your business description into a couple of sentences of dialogue with somebody, how can you expect any average person to understand what you do for a living?

2. Don’t bore people with unnecessary details about your business. They don’t need to know that you were the first to bring a product to the market or that you borrowed money from your parents to get started – just boil it down to what your product or service can do to improve the life of the person you are talking to at that moment.

3. Know roughly what you are going to say to the prospect before you even begin. You’ll also have to do all this from memory as you won’t have cue cards or props to hand to demonstrate, but over time it should become a lot easier.

4. Tailor whatever you say to your audience and try to focus on areas of your product or service that will benefit the life of that person. Don’t worry if you make a mistake either, it isn’t a test and you won’t get in trouble!

5. It is a good idea to end your pitch with a call to action. If this involves visiting your website or giving you a call then you really need to get some business cards made up so that you can hand out whenever you finish talking to someone – they won’t cost much to produce and you can always keep a few in your wallet for emergencies.

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