Taking on the Big Guys

Taking on the Big Guys

Sixteen years after he first went to court to try and salvage his credit rating, Richard Durkin has finally won his battle against HFC Bank.

Despite the spiralling legal costs and time investment, Durkin has won a personal moral and legal victory that will also protect other consumers in the future. He is a lot worse off now financially than he was when he started (and some might say he would have been better off just to make the payments on the laptop he returned) but his win shows great determination to take on big companies and win.

He’s by far not the only one – you can follow the link below to see other consumers who have stood up to large corporations that have immense wealth and won even when it seemed impossible.

This sort of spirit closely resembles the spirit of an entrepreneur. If you launch a product or service that competes either directly or indirectly with the offering of a huge multinational there are a lot of people who will say you are crazy.

But if you are providing a better service at a more reasonable price, there is no reason why you cannot take on a big company in true “David and Goliath” style – and win!

Are you outdoing your bigger competitors? Let us know in the comments.

via BBC

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