Top 5 Tips for Moving Business Location


Sometimes it is necessary for your business to physically move location. Whether you need to finally expand your business outside of your home office or if you are finding the letting costs too steep in your current spot, the process of moving can be a big upheaval to your business life. Today’s tip column reveals our Top 5 Tips for moving business location:

1. The first step in moving is determining whether you really need to go in the first place. Is the months of disruption to your business and customers acceptable when you consider the benefits? If you are going only to cut your bills, there is no guarantee that the lower rates for your new location will still apply at your next rent review.

2. Changing business address is a pain. Not only will you have to make sure all your customers are aware of the change but you’ll also have to update anywhere that your old address is listed (website directories, yellow pages, all of your stationery, banks etc.). You probably will have to run a mail redirect on your old address for months afterwards just to make sure that you receive all of your correspondence.

3. Choosing the right location is essential and depends entirely on your requirements. If you are looking to get more foot traffic passing through your business then you will have to select a busy area and you’ll have to pay more. Manufacturing businesses can usually find reasonably priced locales on industrial estates.

4. Bear in mind all of the costs that will be involved in moving. Depending on your current arrangements you may need to furnish the entire place or purchase a lot of new equipment, so be careful not to put your business finances in the red.

5. Make sure that you give your customers plenty of warning about the move. It’s not really acceptable to simply pack up your belongings and move your business elsewhere without giving them due notice – not only will it annoy them but it also looks highly suspicious!

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