Infographic: Apple University

Steve Jobs had a revolutionary way of thinking about business, so it makes sense that Apple would also like their other employees to think in a similar fashion. But it was unrealistic of them to think that they could only hire based on choosing people who already thought a certain way.

That’s why the concept of “Apple University” was established in 2008. This formerly secret plan to help management trainees to think like Jobs was uncovered in 2011.

This “corporate college” is not completely unusual, in fact there was a similar initiative at Job’s former company Pixar and he himself went through a programme while working as an intern at Hewlett Packard, so he clearly had faith in the concept.

Check today’s infographic for more information on the topic and let us know in the comments whether you would like to train your employees to think more like you or if you value their different ways of thinking.

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