Infographic: Teaching Entrepreneurship

An “entrepreneurial mind” is something that we often hear about as being a requirement for business success. But is it something that can be acquired through formalised learning processes or is it just a personality trait that you are born with?

Education on the topic of entrepreneurship is only something that started in the US in the late 1940s when Harvard offered its first entrepreneurship MBA. Before that time people had been starting and running their businesses for hundreds of years without having to study first, so understandably many people were a bit skeptical.

But entrepreneurial schools have become a part of the landscape (even if graduates don’t necessarily always go on to start their own business) and the overwhelming majority of startups are launched by people who have some kind of degree.

This week’s infographic is a look at how entrepreneurship is taught in the US and we’d love to hear your opinions about whether entrepreneurship can be taught.

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