How to Tell a Good App Idea From a Bad App Idea

How to Tell a Good App Idea From a Bad App Idea

Have an idea for an app, but aren’t quite sure if it’s “good enough”? Plenty of factors distinguish a good app idea from a bad one, from the technical to the…not so technical. Even if you find your app isn’t the best idea ever, it still might give you an idea people are sure to love. Check out what makes an app idea great:

Adds Value

A good app idea is one that adds value to the consumer’s life. In today’s fast-paced world, people are always looking for something to make their lives easier. While “novelty” items are almost always appealing, it’s inventions that service a practical purpose that enjoy long-term success. The same is usually true of apps, though “addicting” game apps such as Angry Birds indicate that apps don’t always have to be practical. If hearing friends and family members lament about wishing “there was an app for that” resulted in your idea, you’re likely on the right app design path.

Appropriate For Target Audience

Is your app for adults? Children? A more specific demographic? A thorough understanding of your target audience is critical for app success, as it’s hard to market an app to the wrong group of people! Knowing why your app will work for your target audience is key, so if you find you’re focusing on the wrong demographic, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

Easy to Use

No matter how amazing your app otherwise is, sustaining interest is challenging if it’s not easy to use. A complicated interface that takes 15 minutes to explain isn’t appealing to app developers, much less users looking to simplify their lives. A straightforward, easy-to-use interface is just as important as the app’s actual function.

It Really Works!

Again, it doesn’t matter how great your app is if it barely works! A fully-functioning app free of “bugs” that loads quickly is the ideal. Ensure your UI thread isn’t blocked and everything else about app function is seamless, as an app that breaks down easily isn’t going to attract consumers.

Remember, a unique app is one that sells! Even if you find apps similar to yours, as long as it provides a specific need, you’re in good shape.

This sponsored post was provided by Kevin Skaggs at IDEA Design Studio.

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