Send Your Clients Some Christmas Cheer with Custom Envelopes

Send Your Clients Some Christmas Cheer with Custom Envelopes

Some business owners find it difficult to justify the cost of sending Christmas cards and messages to their clients, but there are some very persuasive arguments for doing so. A Christmas message shows your clients that you look upon their custom as more of a human relationship – something that could further your commercial interests and retain existing business for the year ahead. But with so many options to choose from, how do you know what kind of card and message is appropriate? Well, it all depends on the client.

Who should you send some Christmas cheer to?

The first names on your Christmas card list should be those of your clients. However, it’s vitally important that you use the names of the individuals you deal with. Sending a generic message using the company name may sound contrived and impersonal – which could be counter-productive. Make sure your messages are handwritten, and include the names of all the people in your organisation who deal with the client on a regular basis. If you really want to create a lasting impression, you could send your Christmas messages in custom made envelopes. A bespoke envelope can have a name printed onto it, which will cause a stir in the office of your client when it arrives.

It’s also good practice to send a Christmas message to all the individuals and organisations with whom you have working relationships with. Although a relatively simple gesture, the sending of a Christmas card or a few warm words at this time of year could inspire new-found motivation and respect in your business circles.

How should you send your Christmas messages?

An increasing number of eCards are being sent to corporate clients in Europe, but they simply don’t send the same personal message as a real card does. Despite the fact that we live in an increasingly digitalised world, eCards can often send the wrong message to clients. On the other hand, handwritten cards – carefully chosen and sent in bespoke envelopes – tell a client that a great deal of thought and time has gone into the message. There is also something magical about receiving cards and Christmas wishes through the post – as if they are delivered by Santa himself.

What message should you send?

It’s always a good idea to avoid any message with strong religious connotations, as this could be contrary to a person’s beliefs. Wishing the recipient ‘happy holidays’ or ‘season’s greetings’ keeps things sufficiently neutral, yet it still conveys a message of good will. You should also stick to generic scenes and artwork if you’re sending a card. Snowmen, snowflakes and wintry landscapes all have a festive feel without dwelling on the religious aspect of the holidays.

There is no accounting for sense of humour, so play it safe and keep the message reasonably subtle. What you may find funny may cause offence to others – unless, of course, you know the recipient well enough to be confident that the message will be received in good spirit. A number of businesses are using recycled envelopes and charity cards in order to create a positive impression in the marketplace. This sends a very specific message about your company’s principles, and it could bank your business some kudos for the year ahead.

Whatever message you decide to send your corporate clients this Christmas, the best thing you can do is to make it personal and heartfelt. Thinking carefully about what you say, using custom made envelopes and steering clear of religion as much as possible should mean the festive cheer you spread to your business contacts this year is well received.

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