Create the ultimate home office working environment in 5 easy steps

Create the ultimate home office working environment in 5 easy steps

With increasing numbers of people working from home, such as knowledge workers, freelancers, and stock traders, a high specification office is not a luxury any more – it’s essential for your health and effectiveness. As well as helping you work efficiently, a home office can allow you to enjoy some creature comforts. However, with most households a bit tighter on space than the average office, you may need to think creatively when it comes to creating your homely executive pad. 

1. Naturally enough, the ultimate home office is all focused around the desk, where you will spend most of your time, so it’s imperative you invest in a good all round versatile desk, such as the UCLIC home office desk range. UCLIC is the ideal design for the home office user as it’s available in many different shapes, colours and sizes (over more than 900 combinations) and better yet, its patented design allows for fast ‘click’ together assembly.

2. A good chair is another essential; it has to be comfortable, yet support your back and arms, and it should be adjustable and stylish to ensure you feel like you’re at work rather than crammed into a corner of your house. Always go for a wheeled model if you can afford it, to give you more flexibility – and fun. A good footrest can also help and be used to keep your legs moving and blood flowing when you’re sat down for long calls. 

3. Naturally, working at home all the time can make you feel rather restrained and reduce your enthusiasm, so we recommended investing in a ‘Magic Whiteboard’ that can help you take notes, and be used for brainstorming sessions, whether you’re on a call or not. It can also be used to list important times and events (sticky notes are often too small to notice). A big whiteboard on your wall also ensures that you’re not sitting down all day – you’ll have to get up every so often to write on it.

4. Wherever you’re working, you will need plenty of good lighting. Directable lights that keep your PC screen clear of reflections, while providing enough light to read with, are available in many stylish and executive designs. A good Anglepoise lamp is always useful for wading through reports, while uplighters can avoid the problems of dazzling your screen. 

5. Finally, no home office would be complete without some handy solutions for your gadgets, including a wireless charging station for your smartphone. Power-line networking can provide a more reliable connection to the office servers, while a tablet desk stand provides a useful second screen when your iPad isn’t in direct use. 

Whatever your line of business, a home office must be more than just a grey cubbyhole. So, use your time and money wisely to create a space that makes you feel comfortable and focused on the tasks at hand.

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