Don’t Forget About Print Advertising! Three 3 Times Brands Made It Work

Don’t Forget About Print Advertising!  Three   3 Times Brands Made It Work

Poster printing is everywhere. Despite shifts to Twitter ads, PPC campaigns and digital banners, we still see a lot of print based campaigns every single day. So, is print really dying or is it just reestablishing itself?

London based poster printing company Ro-Am Posters say that despite digital trends they are still seeing numerous orders for poster printing as part of larger advertising campaigns. Here, we look at how popular advertising campaigns have used print and how you can make it work for your business.

Look For A Personal Angle

Inventiveness in any advertising field is appreciated by an advertising audience. We, as viewers, want to see something different, rather than be bombarded with the same old over and over.

Really great ads tap into something personal and nostalgic, with personalisation being the buzzword of 2015. But how do you bring that together with your ad?

Take the Converse ‘Made by You’ campaign. The simple, striking posters appeared all over cities around the world. With stark white backgrounds and pairs of well worn Converse sneakers on the front, it spoke to the individuality and personalisation audiences crave in their advertising. This was paired with Twitter and Instagram sharing of the posters and recreations of the images with real peoples’ own pairs of well worn and self styled shoes.

While you might not be able to mimic the nostalgia factor, especially as a startup, you can look at personalisation. Find out what your customers associate with your business or product and tap into that using a poster with a single clear message.

You could even create your own hashtag to help you track your campaign’s progress and learn from this, using it to influence your next poster prints.

Stand Out By Keeping Your Poster Prints Simple

Posters offer the opportunity to interact with people in the between spaces, on the streets and on public transport, between work and home. Create something striking and they’ll start noticing it everywhere and remember your name.

A wandering potential customer may see your poster while travelling home and be subtly influenced to look up or buy what you’re selling. If you create a really distinctive and visually amazing poster you might even have people stealing your posters, and thats a good thing.

Take the movie poster for The Wolverine. Plastered on walls, bus stops and in cinemas, this global movie hit the headlines more for its suddenly popular movie poster than its storyline! Huge buzz was created for the movie because fans of the Wolverine poster were stealing them from wherever they could find them. The prints went viral.

This poster was artistically stunning but it was also an advert. By creating a simple design that summed up the movie, it was able to grab attention amongst the scores of brightly coloured and attention seeking posters. Keep your poster simple and you might just get people talking.

Create A Giveaway Poster Worth Putting Up

No matter what business you’re in, you’ll probably have some branded merchandise for in-store sale and at trade shows you attend. Exhibition experts Skyline Whitespace note that your business needs to offer something extra at your exhibition stand to put you ahead of the competition.

Giveaway items are a really proactive way of getting people involved in your company because, well, we all like things that are free. So why not make a poster part of your gift pack?

Target your audience by giving them something useful, such as top tips, or something funny, like ten weird things you didn’t know as an infographic. Make it shareable with industry related tips but with an engaging and beautiful design.

What makes your poster worth putting up will be the content, so ensure that you message is clear, and the look. Using an infographic style will allow to be creative with shape and style and make it look like the sort of poster you might want to read.

This sponsored article was provided by exhibition expert Skyline Whitespace.

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