Are You Struggling to Find IT Staff?

Are You Struggling to Find IT Staff?

Integrated cloud-based IT systems can help solve one of the biggest problems for small businesses: How to find the right information technology experts.

Recruiting the right IT staff seems to be problematic for almost half of all SMEs across the UK, according to a recent report published by IT hosting company Node4. This problem might get worse before it gets better.

SMEs are aware of the crucial role IT plays in their businesses and they demand more and more of technology in order to support business goals. If SMEs do not want to be left behind in today’s digital world, they need to have the right IT infrastructure that helps them manage, grow and innovate their business.

Adding on extra functionality to existing systems through purchasing new apps can only be a temporary solution because it will create an unmanageable maze of incompatible applications. As business becomes more complex, there is a need to simplify the supporting IT infrastructure.

Moving to a comprehensive yet customisable cloud solution can help overcome problems with IT staffing for several reasons:

• All applications are assembled under one roof, sharing the same platform and user interface, thus reducing the amount of technical expertise needed.

• Many administrative tasks concerning maintenance and management are being fulfilled by the cloud service provider, freeing the in-house team to focus on strategic tasks.

• System updates happen automatically, ensuring that the latest software version is installed.

• Backups happen automatically, giving the security that data cannot be lost and that business disruption in an emergency can be kept to a minimum.

• Capacity can be added as the business grows without having to source and purchase expensive equipment.

• Technological expertise is at hand should the system require modifications.

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