Top 5 Tips for Longhaul Flights

Top 5 Tips for Longhaul Flights

Longhaul flights can be challenging but are often unavoidable in business. With a bit of planning it is possible to ease the pain and even enjoy the ride. The important thing to remember is that every person is different – knowing yourself helps you look after your needs. Your attitude determines how you feel, too, so staying calm and going with the flow will reduce some of the stresses involved.

1. Seating
When it comes to long-haul flights choosing a seat which suits your preferences in advance works a treat. Travel lightly because everything you need to store under your seat may restrict your legroom. But do make sure you have all the essentials you need to keep you comfortable and entertained.

2. Food and Drink
Light meals before and during the flight are recommended to avoid indigestion. If you usually dislike airline food bring your own snacks. Also bring a 1-litre bottle of water because it is important to stay hydrated. People often resort to free alcoholic drinks to help them sleep – up to you, but keep in mind that alcohol has a dehydrating effect and in in some cases prevents you from sleeping.

3. Sleep
Many people dread not being able to sleep. Sleeping aids are the answer for some, but if you’ve never used them before try them out at home beforehand so you know how your body reacts. If you have the opportunity to upgrade (by using up air miles for example) you can enjoy the benefits of extra legroom, fully reclining chairs or even beds. If you are cramped in cattle class, putting on an eye-mask and noise-cancelling earphones or earplugs can help you relax.

4. Exercise
It is important to keep the blood flowing while in the air to avoid complications such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT). So don’t sit down for hours without moving and get up regularly instead, walk around and stretch. You could take a stroll along the entire length of the plane and use lager spaces or the toilet cubicles for stretching exercises.

5. Be Busy
When do we ever have ten or more consecutive hours when we can simply do as we please? It’s a great opportunity to read a book you’ve been wanting to read for a long time or to watch the latest blockbuster. Mobile devices and cloud computing will allow you to access company information and data while in the air and use your time to work on a project or task.

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