3 Rules For Live Music At Corporate Events

3 Rules For Live Music At Corporate Events

When planning and booking live music for corporate events, as the organiser you will need to ensure you’ve done research and planned your entertainment in conjunction with your venue and needs.

Live music, unlike a continuous soundtrack from a playlist, is a far more impressive way to add music to a corporate party or networking event. It suggests a level of sophistication while adding class to the ambience of the occasion.

Entertainment Agency, Mango Music advise on the three rules for live music at corporate events. Follow them and you’ll ensure that you select music that is captivating and complementary, rather than irritating and oppressive.

      1. Research your entertainment, try to see them live

As with any aspect of event planning and business, you need to research who you are going to work with. This is easier in some industries than others, but with musicians it can be exceedingly simple. With the rise of YouTube and personal websites in the past ten years, most musicians whether big or small will have their music online.

Try to see a band or singer live to get a sense of their style and presence. You will be able to tailor this for your event but you will still want to know who you are working with ahead of time.

If you can’t see the performer/s live, try to find videos of their performances. Additionally, you can look for reviews and testimonials on the band’s or agency’s site to guide your decision making.

      2. Select sound equipment and musicians to fit your venue size

You will most likely have booked your corporate event venue before you select your musician. This is the best order to make your decision in as you can then use the venue size to influence your decision.

Consider your event’s needs when choosing your musical entertainment. Do you want a soft soundtrack or booming band? Are these sets between speeches or an accompaniment to networking and general talk among guests?

A singer or duo with a few instrumental musicians will often add a pleasant backing track to a small event. However, if you are using a larger venue then you may want to consider a full band as their sound may carry better.

If you book your venue before the performers, you will be aware of any sound systems that are integrated into the event venue. Some larger halls have a pre-set sound system with speakers around the room, while others require you to hire your own amps and speakers.

      3. Schedule live music in sets

Live musicians can only play for a set length of time. As with any event entertainment, you will need to schedule the musicians with your event timeline. If you have speeches or a meal, your musicians will need to be planned for around those events. Either to play during the meal or either side of speeches.

The most important thing to remember is to have agreed the playing times and number of sets with your live musicians beforehand.

This sponsored article was provided by entertainment agency Mango Music.

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