Creating a unique office space

Creating a unique office space

Designing your office right is a vital part of creating a well-functioning business. To help you get it right from the outset, we talk you through some workspace design tips for your office.

Designing around a theme

One of the more important things that you should consider before even beginning to design your office is what core values are important to you as a business. Are sustainability and green values close to your heart. Do you value fostering a collaborative workspace? These are decisions that will affect the style of office you choose to create.

For example, to emphasise commitment to green values, you could consider using furniture made from recycled wood, and have your office be rather spacious with a multitude of plants dotted around. If collaboration is your focus, you will be providing more group work spaces, both open and in private.

Consider any of the following when it comes to creating a collaborative office:

  • Full Wi-Fi connectivity around the office
  • Whiteboards to chart discussion and ideas
  • Projector screens for presentations
  • Web cameras for video conferencing and collaboration with other offices

Visual centrepiece

What is the first thing that a client or member of the public will see when they walk into your office? Is there anything that will stand out to your clientele that will stick in their mind and make them remember you? With that in mind, you should try and use the entrance of your office to make a bold decorative statement somehow. For example, having an extremely colourful and friendly looking office will mean the striking colours of your reception will stick with your clients. Or simply find some large and visually impressive piece of furniture to serve as a backdrop; chances are, if you find something that stands out to you, then it’s just as likely that it will stand out and stay with any potential customer who walks through. Think of it as planting the seeds of future business.

It should also be noted that creating a unique office has additional benefits over simply being memorable to potential clients. An office that reflects the core values of the business in an interesting manner is one that employees are more likely to enjoy being a part of.

Take this even further by making sure your office is not too strictly “work focused.” Yes, meeting deadlines and working efficiently is vital for any business, but doing so at the expense of your workforce is not a sustainable method of operation. Make sure that your office also has a separate and interesting area just for your employees to unwind and enjoy themselves between work, and your employees will demonstrate their gratitude by being further committed to the company mission.

Keeping these thoughts at the forefront of your mind during the design phase will help you create an office that combines both function and form seamlessly, leaving you with a unique and exciting workspace for all your staff.

This post was written by Stuart Jameson who is a Content Marketing executive at Penketh Group.

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