How the Best Hotels Win Repeat Bookings

How the Best Hotels Win Repeat Bookings

Follow these golden rules to build a reputation as a caring bed and breakfast, boutique hotel or national chain, to win repeat bookings.
Convincing guests to stay at your hotel for a second or third time is up to eight times cheaper than winning a brand new customer. Here’s how to do it…

1. Offer the best nights’ sleep

Online retailers, such as Bed Guru, offer hotels generous multi-buy discounts on their range of contract beds and mattresses, so there’s no excuse for creaking double bed frames or lumpy hotel mattresses – both surefire ways to give your guests a terrible nights’ sleep that they won’t want to repeat. Pick products that are reviewed by real customers and ask for your old beds and mattresses to be taken away upon delivery.

If you’re not sure whether to replace your hotel beds, experience them first hand by spending the night.

2. Recruit the best staff and build their confidence

Everyone from your receptionist to waiting staff and housekeeping ought to be naturally welcoming and calm under pressure – a team that’s visible throughout the hotel and ready to help at all times, without being intrusive. Help and encourage your staff to be experts in the hotel’s services and customer services. Simply provide guidelines on how to handle various situations, such as complaints or emergencies, so they can confidently interact with clients and leave a lasting impression that convinces guest to return.

3. Keep an eye on your competition

You don’t have to slash your prices to compete, but you must be value for money and offer the best customer experience. So, research your competition, know how much they’re charging and which new services they’re offering, or risk your guests being tempted elsewhere.

4. Treat guests as VIP’s

Discreetly address guests by their name and get to know them more each time they stay. Wow them by offering their favourite room, knowing their likes and dislikes or remembering their birthdays or anniversaries. Send a thank you email a day after they make a reservation, and deliver personal customer service that makes them feel appreciated from the moment they check in. Show you value their experience over the hotel rules, by being flexible and extending check in time, for example, to make them feel important.

5. Tempt people back with discounts or freebies

Make your existing guests an offer they can’t refuse, when they refer you to another paying customer or return for a second stay. Free breakfasts or newspapers are a thoughtful touch, or if you’re feeling particularly generous, why not offer free upgrades, gift vouchers or group discounts, such as three rooms for the price of two? Create a sense of urgency to encourage bookings, by setting a deadline to claim the offer. Or offer transferable rewards that guests can pass onto their friends or family, introducing new guests to your hotel.
Remember, it’s often the smallest touches that make biggest difference to your guests, and will keep them coming back for more.

This sponsored article was provided by Bed Guru

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