How To Become A Self-Employed Permanent Makeup Artist

How To Become A Self-Employed Permanent Makeup Artist

Ever contemplated permanent makeup artist as a career choice? Congratulations! You have just begun the journey towards being a specialist in the permanent cosmetics industry-an exciting and rewarding profession. And, for your information, did you know that you can become not only a permanent makeup artist but also a self-employed one?

Yes, you can learn the trade and employ yourself! Are you a self-starter? Do you have a passion for the permanent makeup artist job? Then you are qualified to start your boutique. Here are the steps you need to take.


Before you become a self-employed permanent makeup artist, you must extensively research. Do you fancy the career? Ensure that you know what you exactly want. And, if you are the type that does not like touching people’s skins, then this is not permanent makeup artist is not your career. You will be doing it every day!


To set up an excellent permanent makeup business, you must heavily invest in training. Irrespective of whether your jurisdiction of operations takes the training as a prerequisite or not, you must do it for your clients’ sake. Remember that you will be dealing with your client’s skin. So, you should go through a safety and first aid training and any other necessary health-related training.

How else can you perfect your skills if you do not professionalise your skills? Permanent makeup industry has several procedures done on the eyebrows, lips, eyeliners and facials. You need to understand them in detail. Alternatively, you can opt to master a procedure, such as microblading, and make it your main emphasis.

Start small

Having nursed the dream of starting your own permanent makeup business, you need to bolt out of the procrastination zone and venture out. As you start, be advised that the going will not be smooth. Like any other business, you have to contend with the challenges of competition and establishing your clientele. But, that should not worry you. Start small.

Location plays a meaningful role in defining the price range you will offer your clients for services. So, identify an area that will give you a high rate of return on your investment. Remember also that your experience will also be a significant consideration when pricing. However, if you can exhibit your previous works to your potential clients, they can trust your expertise.

Get the necessary certifications

Before venturing into the permanent makeup business, ensure that you have all the necessary licenses. Nobody wants their premises shut down for lack of permits to operate. I guess you wouldn’t want any disruptions to your business either. So be safe by having every license. Moreover, some jurisdictions may require that you get approvals and certifications from health institutions before you commence your business. Situations may compel you to undertake a blood borne pathogen training to ensure you are conversant with safety in your field. Always adhere to all certification requirements.

Join professional bodies

Though not mandatory, joining an association will open new doors to industry professionals who can give your business a seal of trust. You can use these meet-ups to learn about new trends in the industry. The right connection can completely change the future of your business. Hence, it is essential you treat these networking opportunities with great importance.

permanent makeup supplies

Last but not least make sure you use professional permanent makeup equipment. Choose your supplier by testing their products in small quantities and the best ones will always have a wide range of products to choose from. It is also best to stick to the same supplier, so you can ask for a discount when ordering in bulk.

Good luck!

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