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MYOB vs XERO – War amongst the irrelevant?

It is almost tragic to see the CEO's of MYOB and Xero have a go at one another. They both seem to forget that what they call innovation may very well damage their clients business, at least in my opinion. Using any of these fragmented software solutions vs. an integrated, simplified business software solution, will create IT complexities that are hampering business. So - are you ready to simplify IT?

Bespoke Software Apps In The Cloud

Need some software? Well, what you do is go online and sign up for online software or order a boxed software product to help you manage your business. But does it really ‘help’ you manage your business, or does it just put you in a software ‘straight-jacket’? In reality this software dictates to you how…

Cloud Based Accounting Software

Accounting is most certainly not the the most favorite entrepreneurial occupation – rightly so. Let’s face it accounting is all about the past, at a time when we all need to look to the future to navigate these perilous financial times. But, accounting software will help us to manage the past, improve our cash-flow and…

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