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White collar crime does pay, doesn’t it?

My favourite group of people, the bankers, are in the news again. This time it is not mainly about fraud, but about £16.5m extra bonuses paid by Barclays Bank to its executives. While the rest of us has to live with cuts to our welfare state, these guys are paying themselves more and more money,…

Are we all hypocrites?

How often have I complained about our High Street consisting of only coffee shops and charity shops – not that I have anything against charity shops or coffee shops for that matter? Everyone I talk to says it is sad to see all the independent shop owners go and disappear. It is especially poignant when…

Is Labour saying all small businesses are tax dodgers?

It is so ‘cute’ to see how naive Ed Balls really is – £10 to have your hedge cut? What century is he living in? No wonder we are struggling with the minimum wage. Better yet, he seems to say that most micro and small business owners are tax dodgers. Does he ever consider how…

Cameron to help 500 companies, out of 5.2 million – how fair is that?

Our political ‘elite’ is really struggling to understand the business landscape. This focus on fast-growing companies is short sighted as usual. What counts is the five year mortality rate of businesses, nothing any government has ever done has changed the 50% plus failure rate.

Internet of Things or Does your TV talk about you?

Connecting appliances you use in your daily life to the internet can be a two sided sword, as Chris Matyszczyk (@ChrisMatyszczyk) writes in his article about the fact that Samsung not only records but also shares your conversations with third parties. What is the price of our privacy?

High Speed Internet, Not HS2, Is What Business Needs!

High Speed Internet, Not HS2, Is What Business Needs!

When BT spent £780m on their sports channel I was speechless. Here is a company losing total business focus, while failing the business community in Great Britain in almost every street. The internet service provided in the UK is appalling at best. I note the price for the sports channel is already dropping. I guess…

UK Budget a Punch & Judy Show?

UK Budget a Punch & Judy Show?

Anyone watching the UK Chancellors Budget yesterday must wonder what kind of institution these so called MPs belong to, at times it looked more like a pub crawl. What really gets me even more is that these politicians must believe us all to be stupid. Labour – Balls & Milliband – should realise that it…

Season’s Greetings 2012

To All Our Readers, Followers & Friends May the magic of Christmas Bring wealth and prosperity to your home like a Christmas that brings merry and fun to the season Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Bankers – Can We Trust Them?

Trust in banks is somewhat fickle, especially if every month brings a new revelation on how banks have been ripping their customers off. Can we trust politicians to sort this out? Do they have the will or the intellectual capacity to finally put an end to this greedy behavior. Considering that former Prime Ministers are…

Is No Knowledge A Valid Defence?

When you are running a business you are responsible for what happens in your business. If your staff makes a mistake you have to fix it. If some of your staff a caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar – you are responsible in as much as you should have done your job…

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