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Top 5 Tips for Making Your Small Business More ‘Green’

The top 5 tips weekly post is always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. 1. Use energy efficient lighbulbs in your workplace and take advantage of natural light wherever possible. 2. Recycle any waste that is generated by your business. Try to also reduce your waste output wherever it…

Blog Action Day ’09: Climate Change – Questions

Today is this years ‘Blog Action Day ’09: Climate Change’. The more ‘seasoned’ followers of mine will know that I participate on my blog every year, this year being no exception. What is an exception this year is the fact that climate change does concern us all, and it is fair to say our planet…

Climate Change Blog Action Day 15.10.2009

As you will know I usually join in on each years blog action day. Using the web 2.0 technology I’m involved in with WinWeb, is a very eco-friendly way to run a small business or home office. So when this years Blog Action Day was announced to be about climate change I signed up without…

The Entrepreneurial Capitalism Revolution.

Given the state of our economy world-wide, I hope that politicians and governments alike have learned their lessons. If nothing else they should have learned that the ‘Big Firm Capitalism’ has got us into big trouble. We are spending billions to bail these guys out, with money, tax money paid by ordinary people and micro-…

Do you have concern for your business or only for yourself?

I had an interesting conversation about my view that management control over employees is a myth. I have believed for some time now that an office is often a total waste of money and completely unnecessary. Most of the time I’m told it’s OK when you work by yourself, but not if you have employees,…

Q&A: What are some social and economic issues small business face?

I'm going to expand this question "slightly" into - I hope Walsh does not mind:What are some of the social, political and economic issues small business face?I should remind you that when I talk about small business, I mean 1 to 5 people businesses, like SOHO-, SME, SMB-, Micro-, Lifestyle-, Home-, DIY-, Hobby-, Boomer- or Personal business, like professionals, contractors, freelancers, self-employed, sole-traders and virtual assistants.Social issues are clearly centered around the work-place, work life and private life.... I believe you can start a business with $20/£10 a month and grow your business, risk free (without loans) on the side, while still in employment, until the turnover is big enough to justify quitting ones day job.You may feel about a business on the side as you will, the fact remains this is going on as we speak, trends we see in the online usage patterns of our OnlineOffice, certainly support this theory.At the same time business failure is far less an issue, as the risk associated with these ventures is very small, with the right mental attitude of the entrepreneur towards failure, the learning effect of a failure can be enormous.

Marketing for Small Business: Do Pro-Bono work.

I believe it can be better resources or money spend, than doing google ads, it is a good bootstrapping technique - and a win-win situation for you and the sponsored organisation.For example, the College StartUp blog has an article today about "5 ways to get “paid” for pro bono work", they talk about the marketing benefits you may gain by doing good. Every small business or start-up business, like SOHO-, SME, SMB-, Micro-, Lifestyle-, Home-, DIY-, Hobby-, Boomer- or Personal business, like professional, contractors, freelancer, self-employed, sole-trader and virtual assistants has something to give, which could make a difference.

Home Based Small Business the Ultimate Green Gig

As you may remember I was part of the Blog Action Day for our Environment and I keep on finding great little posts about eco-friendly issues relating to small business, including home business - my personal favorite. Tony Clark writes a blog about working from home from his home-nest called "Success from the Nest" and has tips how to save energy in your home based business:"As a home-base entrepreneur, you have the unique opportunity to have a small impact on the environment, all while having a big impact on the world.Just another good reason to give it a go…"I think he is right, and remember all the green/eco-friendly benefits of working online for the environment and also for yourself.

Blog Action Day For Our Environment Was A Big Success

On October 15th I posted three posts for Blog Action Day For Our Environment and I was in very good company, the statistics are impressive: 20,603 blogs participated23,327 posts where published14,631,038 RSS readers aloneThe reach of the postings is likely a multiple of the 14 Million readers via RSS, since most will have been read on the blog sites. My contributions for that day where: Blog Action Day For Our Environment: WinWeb PledgeThe World Without USSlow Progress With Eco-Friendliness in Our Daily LivesNext year there will be another Blog Action Day, so why not get involved?

Slow Progress With Eco-Friendliness in Our Daily Lives.

The sales assistant lady argued with her about not taking the box, so my wife said she would not take the shoes, if she had to take the box.At that point the sales assistant realised, that my wife was serious and she may lose the sale, so she wrote on the till-receipt, that my wife could not bring the shoes back - which is her statuary right as a consumer - because she had refused to take the box.Packaging is a major contributor to our environmental problem, consumers get penalized for not wanting packaging.... This type of policy has created a "fly-tipping" nightmare in our neighborhood, and it is getting worse by the week.If we do not stop, just going for the "weakest link" in this chain, the consumer, we will further delay coming to sensible solutions for our environmental problem For the time being that seems to be the current way forward, for this government without own vision and the local councils.

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