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Is Microsoft’s Business Failing?

Is Microsoft’s Business Failing?

In my latest column for NASDAQ, I look at the business model of Microsoft and wonder how much longer this particular business model is actually sustainable for. Although you shouldn’t expect to see Microsoft going under any time soon, it is clear to most people now that they need to make huge changes before the…

Is Cloud Computing the Junk Bond of Computing?

Is Cloud Computing the Junk Bond of Computing?

Read Stefan Töpfer’s latest NASDAQ column entitled ‘Cloud Computing: Junk Bond of Computing?’ Is cloud computing a threat to business or can it help you run your business better? Currently hype on both sides of the debate dominates the media and as usual adds little real value.

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My Latest NASDAQ & HotFrog Contributions

With the world economy the way it is I just posted on my NASDAQ column a new article about “Cost Cutting For Small Business“. Much along the same lines and about increasing productivity I posted a new article on my HotFrog Column about “Freelance The Right Way To Free Your Time” the links for the…

Big Business working with SMEs/SMBs

Over on my column I have just posted an article about how big business can work with SMEs and SMBs. All to often big businesses fail at the first hurdle to engage with small business – read on….

Microsoft Fails To Hit The Right Notes With SMEs

Today the world is talking about Cloud Computing following Microsoft’s announcement regarding Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft billed cloud computing as “the platform for the next generation of business” and whilst regular readers of my blog will know I am a great advocate for cloud computing, I think that Microsoft has missed the mark. In fact,…

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