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Top 5 Business Data Cloud Storage Tips

The top 5 tips weekly post is always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. 1. Although you often pay a monthly fee for cloud storage, it still usually works out cheaper than buying physical hardware for data storage. 2. The cost of cloud storage covers the outlay of the…

Are You Risking Your Business By Taking Risks With Your Data?

Digital data loss can have severe consequences for any small business that is reliant on good recordkeeping. Losing customer data could mean that you don’t have any means to contact them or perhaps cause you to be left without details of financial transactions. This would either make it difficult for you to invoice them or…

WinWeb Helped Over 10,000 Victims Of The ‘Winweb Security’ Malware Virus!

While WinWeb itself is the biggest victim of the ‘winweb security’ malware, it has responded to over 10,000 partly angry and abusive enquiries and sent out information on how to uninstall the malware each time. Google ‘winweb’ and you can see why is still victimized for the criminal and illegal use of it’s trademark.…

Q & A: Does Small Business Need a Disaster Plan?

To be perfectly blunt about the subject, it is not made easier by confusing technology and more to the point terminology, that even we have difficulty understanding some time.We should not expect business start-ups and small business in general to be accountants, bookkeepers, IT specialist, lawyers, marketing & PR gurus and so on. We should provide small business with an infrastructure in which it can concentrate on core business tasks, while at the same time enabling the business owner to stay informed of all relevant business facts like cash flow, sales, HR issues, tax position and more.... Have a look at virtual assistants in your area.There are other questions you could ask yourself, just take 30 minutes, get a peicJust to mention it, a disaster plan in a burned out house is of no value to anyone, again keep it online.Answer: YES, a small business needs a disaster plan, just like any other business.

SaaS Benefits for Business Start-Up and Small Business

ClimateByte™ TechnologyOur environment is in trouble - by using our on-demand Small Business Infrastructure™, you can help to reduce your carbon footprint and help our environment - we are dedicated to develop our future products and services with this in mind.Our Software as a Service products provide your small business with a on-demand Small Business Infrastructure™ helping you to concentrate on your business, while we run your office and IT. This makes your business more mobile and competitive while saving you time, money and helping the environment.When you run a small business and personal business, like contractors, freelancer, self-employed, sole-trader and virtual assistants you probably benefit even more from using SaaS technology - program your business for success.

Small Business Infrastructure For Business Start-Up.

WinWeb On-Demand Software Solutions - Anywhere At Anytime.AccountsOffice and OnlineOffice are our two software offerings, which are based on the SaaS - Software as a Services model, to allow for the following key business benefits:• tight inclusion of business advisors from the start,• cultivating outsourcing techniques at the outset, i.e. virtual assistants,• no IT knowledge needed and hassle free operation,• real-time multi-user access from anywhere, increasing mobility.2.... WinWeb Live - Networking Community for Small Business Only.To foster collaboration and outsourcing we have expanded our WinWeb Live™ offering to allow for small business community networking - thus enabling the business owner to make decisions about his / her current needs, with the following benefits:• timeshare virtual assistants for professional results,• offer contracts of work to contractors on a case-by-case basis, • promote the business to a large audience or even locally,• find new work and contracts online4.

Security Alert for Small Business and Start-Ups

Taking the seriousness of this matter into consideration the House of Lordsí science and technology committee published a proposal to protect people against cyber crime and hold start-up-, personal- and small business, and IT security vendors responsible.The proposal focuses on protecting customers data and personal information.... That includes the IT industry and the software vendors, the banks and internet traders, and the internet service providers," said Lord Broers, chairman of the committee.Small businesses, internet services, banks, software vendors and the IT industry need to start taking responsibility for e-crime and protect themselves and their customers against them.

SOHO/SMB Unaware Of Security Risks

While the internet has made life much easier for all of us, especially in terms of communication it has also made businesses vulnerable to hackers and viruses.Surprisingly a large percentage of small business, like SOHO-, SME, SMB-, Micro-, Lifestyle-, Home-, DIY-, Hobby-, Boomer businesses, believe that they are secure and unaffected by IT risks.... Companies need to put in place business infrastructure that would make it easy for employees to share files and communicate and an online office is an excellent step in this direction at the same time the provider of this online infrastructure should also provide all necessary security arrangements, leaving the business owner just to worry about the local workstations.

The Value of Keeping Your Accounting up to date

If you're like me you use your credit card online to purchase domain names, update software, purchase new software or online services, buy the odd book here and there, and so on. The convenience of buying online just makes things happen faster – and we're in a time where everyone wants things now. I received…

The Internet – a supermarket or a business tool?

The next step is a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), which allows you to carry data and in formation without having to carry a laptop.... The benefits are clear: Data accessible and editable anytime, anywhereData constantly backed up in remote locationIntegrated online tools avgoiding data duplicationSharing of data between multiple users24 hour access to data for customers and suppliersOne interface for all your communicationWith the speedy development of mobile phone technology it will very soon be possible to access all your business intelligence not only through a PC but also through your phone or PDA.Winweb OnlineOffice was designed to use the flexibility and accessibility of the Internet for business intelligence.

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