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SaaS for Very Small Businesses – Show Me the Money

Recently, in SME / SMB Have Become Obsolete Acronyms I discussed how now, that business software and services have become affordably available to small businesses, the SME term has become inadequate to describe this market, especially from the software industry's point of view. Simply because the needs of a $100M company, which SAP and Oracle…

SaaS Makes Open Source Software Usable.

Now the enduser "consuming" the software online is removed from the geeky process and can use the software as a normal user.A halfway point is the consulting firm who installs and maintains the open source software for a client, this way the software is free and only the consulting and maintenance part is to be paid for. But even this service can end up costing hundreds if not thousands of pounds, putting it out of reach for small business.SaaS providers offer the install, maintain and usage part for a small monthly fee.

TiEcon 2006: Software Luminaries Panel : The Software Richter Scale: 1, 3 or 7?

I see that Stefan started a mini-series on the benefits of SaaS – the Software as a Service model. I thought it would be interesting to insert here my notes from the  Software Luminaries Panel at TiEcon 2006, a Silicon Valley, California Entrepreneurial Conference I attended last weekend..  While Stefan’s series will obviously look at…

Let’s talk business, ….SMALL BUSINESS.

We hope you will enjoy our rambling & ranting on the subject of small business.On this blog we will concentrate on providing an inside to our thinking with respect to self-employment, home businesses and small businesses, the so called micro and small businesses.Some of the areas will include: Accountants/CPAs, we believe accountants/CPAs should be more then glorified bookkeepers.... Do you really need a VC before you can earn yourself a good living.Government, why most government help for small business may be a sincere offer, but in reality is nothing but hot air.Marketing/PR, the high tech way to create awareness for your products and services for the small budged.Web-Technology combined with Live!

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