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More Supplier and Customer Solidarity Needed To Beat Credit Crunch!

With credit availability non existent or in sharp decline, a more transparent relationship between suppliers and customers is needed to overcome the credit hurdle. In times when money is short a very open relationship based on partnership will allow a chain of suppliers and customers to fulfill orders in a “joint venture per order” kind…

Why educate women – isn’t it a waste of resources?

When my wife went to university in London in the eighties one of her professors was of the opinion that the education was wasted on women, since they would leave university, get married and have children. While nobody says these things anymore in public, we still seem to have the same mentality. Today I travel…

Small Business Maxim: Have a Passion.

I got up today at 4:00 am, because I have a great meeting set up today, with some people I wanted to meet for some time, and I can't wait to tell them my ideas about the future of our business, so I'm going over my presentation again.I'm sitting here at 5:00 am writing my daily postings to you all, you may think I'm nuts. Or you may think I'm driven by the idea to make small and micro businesses more successful, but whatever you think, it is not "my god is this guy greedy!"Greed is NOT the same as passion!

Identify your most valuable customers and don’t make them scream.

I have mentioned the 80/20 rule before, it basically says that you will do about:80% of your business turnover with 20% of your customers.Everyone in your small business should know these 20% of your customers by name, so when they call you can give them the "special" treatment they deserve.... Make your business the business, where your customers don't have to scream, but just phone and feel treated special, because that is what they deserve.Your reward for this kind of service is a loyal customer and word of mouth marketing you could not pay for.

What is your customer service agenda?

You need to understand what level of customer care your customers want, so most of all you need to listen.I often come across small business, where customer complaints are causing stress and sometimes even anger.... You should get your staff to understand your customer service agenda fully, so they can do things professionally, courteously and promptly.If you don't have a customer service agenda, your customers may have a agenda, to go and buy somewhere else.

Customer Service The Backbone Of Any Small Business

The reasons for this ore obvious, they already know your product or service and you do not need to sell your product to them anymore, lower marketing costs, less time spend on explaining the product or service.Don't misunderstand me here, your small business needs new customers all the time, but as mentioned it is far more costly to get them. If your business can't keep customers than that is a bad sign, and you need to investigate this ASAP.Turning new customers into loyal customers is the key objective in any business, small or large.

New Small Business Startup Idea: Coworking Space

It may be that you have some spare space in your house, out-building, or you even a whole house, you can't or don't want to sell or rent out, then you could generate income by setting it up as a coworking space, a coworking wiki-site explains it like this:Coworking is cafe-like community/collaboration space for developers, writers and independents.Or, it's like this: start with a shared office and add cafe culture.... Have a look at the website for coworking to get some more ideas.It will be a great place for working, socializing, and getting ideas and help from others.

Free Press Release Distribution for Small Business.

When you sign up to WinWeb's free LiveNet - still in public beta - you can also use our useful and FREE RSS Press Release service.While LiveNet is an online marketplace for your services and products, which allows you to promote your business to others and find others to help you with work you need to have done. It is also a great place to make new business friends and share experiences.The PR tool has been around for some time and we have registered this RSS feed with many different search engines and news sites.

New Small Business Idea: Local News Portal

Local news is still harder to come by, but you could change that with this little business start-up idea.You could get some pre-designed portal software, blogging software or a forum to set up your portal and then write about local events, with things like this: Live events - like Live Jazz in the local pub,New Business launch - write about the company, people and products;Evening Classes - anything from cooking to phontography;Club News - what time they meet, run a prifile.For Sale Section - from paperclips to houses and carsYou get the idea, there are many more events you could report about.... Have a look at your local paper that will give you some idea, what people want.It will get you involved in many areas of your community you didn't even know existed, get you out of the house, make new friends and earn you some money - what else can you want.

Q & A: How can I grow my business.

This is not unusual for many small businesses and start-ups, a home business is an ideal way to run your own business.Getting back to her question, there are really four answers: Increase the number of customers - this in turn will increase the your turnover, yielding the extra business you want, while at the same time make your business more recession proof;Increase the order frequency from your existing customers - this could be more difficult, you need to find out if you can replace someone else as supplier, or diversify your offering;Increase the average order value - same as before, offer higher quality or premium service.Increase your own efficiency - outsource more if you can, cut costs this will not grow your turnover, but increase your bottom line, so you can take more money out of the business for yourself.Once you start thinking about these options you will find out what you can do, often it is a combination of things to do.... ST.Disclaimer: As with any of my readers questions, I do not have all the answers and here on my blog I can only give you some ideas, since I know very little about your small business.

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