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Is your business ready for the HMRC Record Checks?

The HMRC is currently rolling out a new programme aiming to review the accuracy of financial recordkeeping of businesses all across the UK. If you have neglected your business records then it is possible that you could be liable for a large fine. To help businesses avoid any potential penalties and also improve the standard…

Why Your Accountant Should Be Online!

I don’t know if you have noticed, but business is getting faster and faster. Since the advent of the Internet and especially since the introduction of Web 2.0 technologies business processes have shifted a few gears up. These facts in itself should really be reason enough to demand that your advisors are online, because business… uses small business webexperts?

What makes this situation a little more delicate is the fact that we both work in the same market segment, we also provide software for small and home business. ... Mind you intuit still have a way to go, no integrated businesses services and a still somewhat limited offering, but then you knew I was going to say that.

WinWeb OnlineOffice – Most costeffective way to start a home business.

WinWeb is offering a Best Price Guarantee for it’s OnlineOffice product, currently in version five. Including modules for accounting software, 10GB of online data storage, web hosting including a web builder application, invoicing software, online shop, online payment, over 100 free business ideas inside the home & small business academy, an online calendar and address…

Home Office and Small Business Save Over 75% On Essential IT Spend.

We all understand how online software can bring about a massive saving in IT spend. Using this technology, currently labelled ‘cloud computing’, has other benefits for small business too. Some solutions maximize savings by tailoring their offering to a special market. You can spend £15 /month on accounting software alone or get much much more…

OnlineOffice 5 launched.

I can not believe that I have forgotten to tell you that we launched OnlineOffice 5 last week – thank you Ashley for kicking my proverbial bu**! So here goes, we have launched our latest version of OnlineOffice 5 last week with over 100 new features and most importantly over one hundred new business ideas.…

Onlineoffice Version 5 Upgrade

The planned upgrade to OnlineOffice is scheduled for implementation on 30th September 2008 at 17:00 BST. To apply the upgrade it will be necessary to interrupt the WinWeb service for approximately 4 hours. During this time we shall migrate OnlineOffice and perform the upgrade to Version 5. Should any users have any queries do not…

WinWeb’s Free Online Accounting Software Now With Cost Centre Functionality.

WinWeb has just updated their OnlineOffice accounting module, to include cost centre functionality.This allows you to "tag" expenses to products, departments, services or projects - giving you the opportunity to analyze the true cost of a department or any project.... This functionality is free of charge along with the 24/7 live support for all of WinWeb's software products - another reason to sign up to LiveNet of OnlineOffice for the free 30 days trail, if you do not like or need the full OnlineOffice functionality, you can use the accounting module, including the cost centre functionality, free of charge forever.This will give you financial information to make even better decisions.

WinWeb Sponsors Accountancy Age Award 2007 For Second Year.

The event is held as last year at the Battersea Park Arena, Battersea, London, in the evening on November 14th, 2007.This award is the most appropriate award for us to sponsor, since - incredibly - we are still the only online accounting software provider, with an ICAEW approval.... Last year our friends at Goodman-Jones won the price, it will be interesting to see who will win it this year, especially as Goodman Jones is shortlisted again:BRALGoodman JonesMorris OwenI wish all the shortlisted candidates good luck and thank those who are not on the list for their great attempts to win the award and hope they will try again next year.I will be presenting the award and look forward to meeting one or two of you at the event.

WinWeb’s Free Accounting Software For Every Small Business.

With our recent launch of OnlineOffice 4, we have kept our promise to supply our online accounting software to every small business and start-up business, like SOHO-, SME, SMB-, Micro-, Lifestyle-, Home-, DIY-, Hobby-, Boomer- or Personal business, like professional, contractors, freelancer, self-employed, sole-trader and virtual assistants free of charge forever.But not only that - lets face it, if you want free accounting software, you could try the open source arena or other suppliers, even Intuit offers a watered down version of their accounting software free of charge - but a whole raft of other benefits can be gained by using our award winning product: Free 24/7 live online support - so when you work after 5 pm, we are still here to help and you do not have to pay for it; All future software updates are free of charge as well, so you will never have to pay for new or updated accounting software; Data backup and security included - while we all know nothing is ever absolutely safe, we back all your data up continuously and our investment in security would be unobtainable for small businesses, because of cost and complexity; All the benefits of online software (SaaS) - means you can access your accounting, write invoices and plan your business from anywhere at anytime. Online technology is eco-friendly - no shipping, no packaging, no manuals (help text in software) and our ClimateByte Technology.All you have to do, is sign up for our free 30 day trail of OnlineOffice, or our free LiveNet and you will have free accounting for your small business, forever.Let's face it, nobody makes any money doing their bookkeeping.

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