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People buy from People.

All these personal traits are important, but not as important as EQ - emotional intelligence - which means people who have natural warmth, are optimistic and can empathize with the plight of other people.Who would you rather deal with, someone who seems cold and distant, or someone who understands your problems and can suggest solutions or ideas on a services/product level, but also on a more emotional and beneficial level.... So when you hire, ask about faults, ask about being told off for getting something wrong, ask how they felt when someone else got told off at work?

Boomer Small Business Start-Ups on the rise.

Figures released indicate that the average ’silver startup’ will work alone and from home with an average annual turnover of £67,500, and with one in ten turning over more than £100,000.... We all get older and have a much healthier life in older age, so why not do something you enjoy and make a business out of it.I agree with him, with added business support and a small business infrastructure, we could help many more entrepreneurs to be more successful in business long term. As I said so often before, this startup boom is just getting started, we will see much more in years to come, across all age groups.

Social Impact of Working From Home

I would like to list here some challenges I believe our society is facing currently: Child care - in our work dominated society we often outsource most of our child-care, in kindergarten, boarding schools, and other institutions, here our children will not receive the same level of care and love they deserve and need;Care for the Elderly - our lifestyles often separate us from our loved ones and in times of need we are often not able to care for our relatives or friends, because we live in different cities or even countries for example;Environment - many of use spend hours every day alone in cars or on trains - not alone, but still isolated - and contribute to the carbon emissions that change our climate.There are many more examples.... After all, this technology we at WinWeb and others supply makes it possible to work from anywhere, gives you a tremendous amount of freedom to live the life you want, where you want.Let's hope in hundred years from now people will see this era not only as the "Information Age", but also the age when we learned to live a better work/life balance, in tune with our emotional and social needs as individuals, families and society as a whole.

If You Work All Day, You Have No Time To Make Any Money!

His answer was:Remember always, if you work all day, then you have no time to make any money, you are too busy.As you can well imagine, here is was about 20 years old and this guy came out with a statement like this, I thought he was completely mad and insane.... He was talking about having time to have a vision and dream, think about your small business and not about your products, standing back and getting out of the proverbial forrest, so the trees are not in the way.So why not use this weekend, stop working and do some dreaming about what could be - nurture your vision for your small business and see where it takes you.

Cost Cutting for Small Business – Payment Terms

There are two ways to get better payment terms from your suppliers - make sure you know what the pricing is and negotiate the payment terms last, without warning. Most businesses do not expect small business and start-up business, like SOHO-, SME, SMB-, Micro-, Lifestyle-, Home-, DIY-, Hobby-, Boomer-, Professional-, Personal businesses to negotiate payment terms, so you have the element of surprise on your side - and it makes you look more professional.Firstly there is the extended payment term, of 60, 90 and 180 days - see if your supplier will allow any of those terms.

Big business less flexible than SMALL BIZ

An interesting research study by Mitel indicates that small businesses are more open to adopting flexible working conditions not only for the employees but also for the business owners.... Since the internet can be accessed at any time it really doesnít matter where one is and can log on and make crucial business decisions.Working styles are changing globally and on-demand small business infrastructure is paving the way, not to forget it is more eco-friendly too.

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