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Competitive Edge: Customer Response Time

According to pan-European research conducted by Vodafone, 78 % of European SMEs believe that responding faster to customer inquiries is key to win new business. Other research suggests UK SMEs adopt key technologies like cloud computing much slower than their European counterparts. In a time when we see the number of communication channels multiply –…

Micro Business, Recession and Exporting.

The last couple of days you could follow what can only be described as a panic on the world stock markets. The markets tumbled between five to ten per cent or even more. The trigger for this is the mortgage crisis in the US and the UK. One further problem our countries face are unprecedented…

New Small Business Startup Idea: Virtual Import/Export Assistant

Or you could help the foreign business to import into your country.But remember you are working with small business and start-up business, like SOHO-, SME, SMB-, Micro-, Lifestyle-, Home-, DIY-, Hobby-, Boomer- or Personal business, like professional, contractors, freelancer, self-employed, sole-trader and virtual assistants, you need to keep the price low for them.... If they pay you a small commission on top, you are generating a nice little income for yourself.For this kind of service it would be advisable to get a low cost telecom service for your calls abroad, sometimes you can get fixed monthly subscription pricing for unlimited calls - have a look around.Other than that your setup cost should be low, if you have computer, ADSL, and telephone.

First Small Business Export Summit in Washington, DC

There is also a great line-up of companies wanting to help those, who are interested in exporting.We used to have separate products called ExportOffice and GlobalOffice, which were especially designed for the very small exporting business, but we learned in time, that our OnlineOffice provided all the needed components as well, so we simply-fied our product offering in this regard.I will not be there since WinWeb sponsors an award at the UK Accountancy Age Awards, Best use of Internet in Practice, I'm committed to present the award in person. But, I'm sending an colleague of mine, Mr. Göran Thorell - should you be around, go and find him and talk to him about your exporting ideas, I'll be blogging about the Global Export Summit again, after the event.I would have loved to go, since I firmly believe the small business and start-up business, like SOHO-, SME, SMB-, Micro-, Lifestyle-, Home-, DIY-, Hobby-, Boomer- or Personal business, like professional, contractors, freelancer, self-employed, sole-trader and virtusal assistants is highly under represented in the global market place.Opportunities are everywhere, you just need to see them.

SaaS Benefits for Business Start-Up and Small Business

ClimateByte™ TechnologyOur environment is in trouble - by using our on-demand Small Business Infrastructure™, you can help to reduce your carbon footprint and help our environment - we are dedicated to develop our future products and services with this in mind.Our Software as a Service products provide your small business with a on-demand Small Business Infrastructure™ helping you to concentrate on your business, while we run your office and IT. This makes your business more mobile and competitive while saving you time, money and helping the environment.When you run a small business and personal business, like contractors, freelancer, self-employed, sole-trader and virtual assistants you probably benefit even more from using SaaS technology - program your business for success.

Small Business Infrastructure For Business Start-Up.

WinWeb On-Demand Software Solutions - Anywhere At Anytime.AccountsOffice and OnlineOffice are our two software offerings, which are based on the SaaS - Software as a Services model, to allow for the following key business benefits:• tight inclusion of business advisors from the start,• cultivating outsourcing techniques at the outset, i.e. virtual assistants,• no IT knowledge needed and hassle free operation,• real-time multi-user access from anywhere, increasing mobility.2.... WinWeb Live - Networking Community for Small Business Only.To foster collaboration and outsourcing we have expanded our WinWeb Live™ offering to allow for small business community networking - thus enabling the business owner to make decisions about his / her current needs, with the following benefits:• timeshare virtual assistants for professional results,• offer contracts of work to contractors on a case-by-case basis, • promote the business to a large audience or even locally,• find new work and contracts online4.

Cutting the risk, cost and time to enter new markets for small business

Either way, getting into export is a risky enterprise.And, as if these considerations weren’t worrying enough for companies looking to move into export, there’s the fact that new exporters can often run into financial trouble because they greatly underestimate the time it takes to start selling in new markets.... This approach offers: Customer and product registrationCustomer care and 1st Level Support in the local marketComplete business admin infrastructureDirect sales channel through online meansEven finding the distributor for the products.By using a VA - Virtual Assistant, you not only gain the local services, but also a representative with local business knowledge, but also local customs and traditions.

Let’s talk business, ….SMALL BUSINESS.

We hope you will enjoy our rambling & ranting on the subject of small business.On this blog we will concentrate on providing an inside to our thinking with respect to self-employment, home businesses and small businesses, the so called micro and small businesses.Some of the areas will include: Accountants/CPAs, we believe accountants/CPAs should be more then glorified bookkeepers.... Do you really need a VC before you can earn yourself a good living.Government, why most government help for small business may be a sincere offer, but in reality is nothing but hot air.Marketing/PR, the high tech way to create awareness for your products and services for the small budged.Web-Technology combined with Live!

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