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Green credentials of SaaS put to the test

One of the main benefits we always stress about OnlineOffice and on-demand software in general is how environmentally friendly it is. There was an excellent article recently at Software Advice where they conducted some tests to see if a SaaS solution would really have much effect on the amount of energy consumed. They used a…

Do you have concern for your business or only for yourself?

I had an interesting conversation about my view that management control over employees is a myth. I have believed for some time now that an office is often a total waste of money and completely unnecessary. Most of the time I’m told it’s OK when you work by yourself, but not if you have employees,…

Get Small Business Blogging with WinWeb!

Blogging is most certainly the most inexpensive and direct way to communicate with possible customers, you can blog about your products and services; explain certain aspects better;blog about your company and your business mission;blog about your industry, comment on development and differentiate yourself;blog about case studies to do with your product and services.In other words communicate with others on the internet and market your small business.... In the mid-ninties I used to tell people to get a web-site, today a web-site should be standard for any small business and a blog a must if you want to succeed in the future.

New Small Business Idea: Be A Niche Authority

This is a fun, flexible way to stay involved and great for any CV should you ever want to go back to work for someone else - although I doubt that very much.Long before you make it into the top 100 blogs of just about anything, you will find people willing to pay you money for ads, white papers, speaking at events, invite you to product launches, etc. - you will be an authority in your field, it's just a question of time and passion.You do not necessarily have to be that good at writing itself (look at me!), use a spell-checker - but be passionate about your topic and people will read your blog and respond. It is the a great feeling to communicate with your readers world-wide.One final point, blogs are being sold like hot-cakes for serious amounts of money these days, do not under estimate the selling potential of a venture like this!So just one question then - what are you an Authority in - tell me, I will read it?

Home Based Small Business the Ultimate Green Gig

As you may remember I was part of the Blog Action Day for our Environment and I keep on finding great little posts about eco-friendly issues relating to small business, including home business - my personal favorite. Tony Clark writes a blog about working from home from his home-nest called "Success from the Nest" and has tips how to save energy in your home based business:"As a home-base entrepreneur, you have the unique opportunity to have a small impact on the environment, all while having a big impact on the world.Just another good reason to give it a go…"I think he is right, and remember all the green/eco-friendly benefits of working online for the environment and also for yourself.

Blog Action Day For Our Environment Was A Big Success

On October 15th I posted three posts for Blog Action Day For Our Environment and I was in very good company, the statistics are impressive: 20,603 blogs participated23,327 posts where published14,631,038 RSS readers aloneThe reach of the postings is likely a multiple of the 14 Million readers via RSS, since most will have been read on the blog sites. My contributions for that day where: Blog Action Day For Our Environment: WinWeb PledgeThe World Without USSlow Progress With Eco-Friendliness in Our Daily LivesNext year there will be another Blog Action Day, so why not get involved?

Slow Progress With Eco-Friendliness in Our Daily Lives.

The sales assistant lady argued with her about not taking the box, so my wife said she would not take the shoes, if she had to take the box.At that point the sales assistant realised, that my wife was serious and she may lose the sale, so she wrote on the till-receipt, that my wife could not bring the shoes back - which is her statuary right as a consumer - because she had refused to take the box.Packaging is a major contributor to our environmental problem, consumers get penalized for not wanting packaging.... This type of policy has created a "fly-tipping" nightmare in our neighborhood, and it is getting worse by the week.If we do not stop, just going for the "weakest link" in this chain, the consumer, we will further delay coming to sensible solutions for our environmental problem For the time being that seems to be the current way forward, for this government without own vision and the local councils.

The World Without US

The book:The World Without Us written by Alan Weisman (ISBN 978-1-905264-03-2).It is not immediately obvious that this book is about our climate, it offers a fascinating glimpse of what would happen to the earth if humans vanished today, forever.... This is one of the grandest thought experiments of our time, ....."He is right, I understand now that to really heal the wounds, we as humans have inflicted on this planet, we must cut our world population in half.

Blog Action Day For Our Environment: WinWeb Pledge

So in August after signing up to this blog action day, we made the following pledge:WinWeb pledges to plant one tree every year for each paying customer that signs up to our subscription service via the WinWeb website and remains a customer for longer than one year - this will reduce your carbon footprint and make your home-office or office workstation more than carbon neutral.... Each tree will reduce your carbon footprint by about 730kg CO2 - and that is just the start of it!This is only one of ten ways by which we help small business to become carbon neutral and more eco-friendly, you can read the other nine points here.

Social Impact of Working From Home

I would like to list here some challenges I believe our society is facing currently: Child care - in our work dominated society we often outsource most of our child-care, in kindergarten, boarding schools, and other institutions, here our children will not receive the same level of care and love they deserve and need;Care for the Elderly - our lifestyles often separate us from our loved ones and in times of need we are often not able to care for our relatives or friends, because we live in different cities or even countries for example;Environment - many of use spend hours every day alone in cars or on trains - not alone, but still isolated - and contribute to the carbon emissions that change our climate.There are many more examples.... After all, this technology we at WinWeb and others supply makes it possible to work from anywhere, gives you a tremendous amount of freedom to live the life you want, where you want.Let's hope in hundred years from now people will see this era not only as the "Information Age", but also the age when we learned to live a better work/life balance, in tune with our emotional and social needs as individuals, families and society as a whole.

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