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Dubai World – British Banks Building Castles In The Sand

I’m reading with some astonishment an article by the BBC’s Robert Preston about the 40% involvement of British banks in the £22bn debacle of Dubai World. Robert lets us all know that there is nothing to worry about, since the banks in question could easily “absorb” these loses, pointing to the fact that they have…

Lord Alan Sugar:” I have nothing further to say to you…!”

Dragons: “Mr. Darling we’re out!”

Any moment now, Mr. Darling is going to change his mind, not because the whole business community is busting his chops, no the Dragons will have done it.This kind of obvious opportunism is incredible, why accounting web feels we need to know is, is beyond me.... The only thing you can learn on that program is why you do not want a partner in your business.You will not be surprised to learn that this post will be filed under "Balderdash"!

Sir Elton is thinking that…..

Zoli has a fun post on Elton John:“I do think it would be an incredible experiment to shut down the whole Internet for five years and see what sort of art is produced over that span."Elton will know what Balderdash means.

The world has gone mad

I had to post this. Stuart over in the beautiful Lake District is finding it hard to get his best friend Bart a credit card with MBNA. Now you should know, that MBNA wrote to Stuart’s best friend offering him a credit card, but as Bart is Stuart’s dog it was necessary for Stuart to…

50 meter (150 feet) insect found.

As you can see on Google Earth, their is a problem in Germany. It is about 50 meters long (150 feet) and could be a problem on the nearby motor-way.

May Boris be with you!

My wife told me about this site about Boris Johnson. Who needs Rooney, Boris has real talent.

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